ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher Final Rose Ceremony Preview Generates Buzz, ‘Reality Steve’ Stands By His Teasers

Next up for JoJo Fletcher on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season is a trip to Buenos Aires with her remaining suitors. However, spoiler previews shared at the end of Episode 5 got viewers buzzing and worried about how things may play out at her final rose ceremony.

Gossip guru Reality Steve Carbone has spilled the beans about this final choice, but the preview seems to hint that things play out differently. Does he still stand by his teasers?

As everybody saw in the preview clip at the end of Episode 5, JoJo says that she wanted to find love, and she did, but she found it with a man who will not be able to love her in the way that she wants to be loved. She ends up in tears and on the verge of a panic attack at the final rose ceremony, and she says she is scared to let her runner-up go. Bachelorette spoilers in the preview tease that Fletcher will tell him that she did fall in love with him and that she still loves him, but she adds that what he did to her is not right.

Just what does all of this mean? Reality Steve’s spoilers have previously detailed JoJo’s final two men and her final rose pick, but this preview has certainly stirred up a lot of buzz among viewers. Could Carbone’s spoilers be wrong? He stands by his scoop, and his latest blog post laid out what he says he knows.

Reality Steve’s spoilers maintain that what he has shared about JoJo’s final rose pick still stands. He has said that her last two men standing are Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers, and that she is engaged to the suitor who got that last rose. Of course, the Bachelorette spoiler preview makes it look like something quite different plays out in those last moments.

Steve’s latest post points out that if viewers really dissect that explosive promo video, it’s heavily edited and features a lot of voiceovers. Those behind this show love to shake up the fans, especially when the viewers think they already know what to expect, and it looks like the editors are working overtime to create doubt when some think that the ending is a foregone conclusion already.

Carbone details where the splicing of what JoJo has said comes out, and he writes that the explosive segment is “basically a bunch of smoke and mirrors to try to screw with you.” He notes that she may have ended up thinking she was in love with her runner-up and had a hard time saying goodbye to him, but he maintains that she recovers and happily gets engaged to her final rose pick.

Will JoJo and her final pick live happily ever after? Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that there could be trouble on the horizon, but at the moment, the two are still together and engaged. A fair number of fans will wonder if Carbone has been led astray by his sources and potentially got the ending wrong.

The spoiler guru has a very solid track record, but he has made some mistakes in his spoilers in the past, and these happen more frequently with the Bachelorette series over the Bachelor show. For example, he thought Kaitlyn Bristowe ended up alone until she spoiled the ending herself via Snapchat, and he got Desiree Hartsock Siegfried’s ending wrong as well. He says, though, that he’s got this one right.

Does JoJo Fletcher happily choose her true pick at her final rose ceremony and get engaged? Is she regretful over letting go of her runner-up? The big moment is right around the corner, and fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season.

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