Hacking Assad Just 1, 2, 3, 4 Away [Video]

H. Scott English

Bashar Assad, Syria's embattled President, now has another official title...moron. A group of hackers who were looking ot get into the Syrian dictator's mind preceded to try to hack into his e-mail server according to The Times of Israel. The hackers told Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat this week that President Assad used the password 1-2-3-4-, just like President Skroob in Spaceballs (scene below.)

The hackers told the paper that for a solid week they were doing everything they could to decipher a code which would get them into Assad's e-mail. They were expecting a complex code which changes once an hour. Then one if the hackers had an epiphany. Maybe he had to start “thinking like an idiot,”

The Hacker, Abdullah Shamri, recalled for the newspaper the moment in which he figured out how to do it.

Shamri said:

“You’re doing it wrong. You always call the heads of the regime morons, so let’s try to work like morons.”

That moment the hackers were able to know the inner workings of one of the worst dictators of our generation. The hackers were able to download more than 3,000 e-mails. The e-mails were handed over to a Syrian opposition group who put them all online. The e-mails detailed the dictators spoiled wife and her shopping habits, detailing how she would fly to Paris and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on designer candlesticks and other hyper luxury items.

During the last two years Assad has killed tens of thousands of his own people in a bloody civil war. Most heads of state have called for him to be removed from power.

Watch the video of Rick Moranis saying that 1234 is the kind of password that an idiot puts on his luggage.