Clinton Censoring Media? Tell-All Book About Hillary Clinton Banned From Broadcast Networks After She Deems It ‘Trash’

ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN have all allegedly agreed to ban former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne from appearing on their networks despite the fact his damning Clinton tell-all book is already a bestseller. The book, Crisis of Character, hasn’t been released yet, but it is already a bestseller. However, all major networks have agreed to keep Byrne out of the spotlight as Hillary Clinton calls his book “trash for cash.”

The Daily Mail reports that Hillary Clinton’s words apparently carry weight when it comes to all of the major networks. With a scathing tell-all book about Clinton slated to be released next week, Clinton has called the book “trash,” noting that any network that allows the former Secret Service agent on the air is helping “spread lies.” Therefore, all of the major networks have declined interviews with Byrne and have agreed to keep him off of their programs.

The publication also claims that Hillary Clinton and her campaign are responsible for having the book blocked and that Gary Byrne has been barred from promoting his book on all major networks.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of interest in the story which is evident by the book’s ability to become a bestseller even before it was actually released. In fact, Crisis of Character was listed as a bestseller a week before it was released and is already No. 2 on Amazon’s book list for the month of June. Despite all of the interest in the book, Byrne will have to stick to cable networks for promotion.

The controversy over the book stems from the fact that many higher ranking Secret Service members have claimed that Byrne’s accounts are inaccurate and that it would have been impossible for the man to see the things he describes in the book due to his low rank. It was revealed that while Byrne was a Secret Service agent during Bill Clinton’s presidency, he was a “plain clothes agent” which was described as the lowest level agent in the White House. Therefore, Secret Service officials say there is no way that Byrne would have come close enough to Bill Clinton to see the things described in his book.

According to Politico, numerous Secret Service veterans have discredited Byrne’s account.

“One must question the veracity and content of any book which implies that its author played such an integral part of so many [claimed] incidents. Any critique of management by one who has never managed personnel or programs resounds hollow. Additionally, why would an employee wait in excess of ten years after terminating his employment with the Service to make his allegations public?”

Others note that even if Byrne did not witness some of the alleged incidents first-hand, he may have been retelling stories he was told by other agents.

“Did Gary Byrne hear an anecdotal story being told by a couple of agents? Maybe. But did Gary Byrne see it the way he’s purporting to have seen it? No way. That’s a lifetime worth of events this individual saw in a very short amount of time.”

As Byrne reportedly exposes the Clinton family secrets, Hillary Clinton is not standing by and allowing the “spread of lies.” Instead, the Clinton campaign team has informed all of the major networks that the book is “trash” and encouraged them not to allow Byrne on their programs. The networks have obliged but refused to give any comments on the issue.

Meanwhile, Fox News will have Byrne on their network, with the former Secret Service agent appearing on The Sean Hannity Show for his first public interview following the book’s release.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s campaign asking networks to ban the anti-Clinton author from their networks?

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