Oldest Person Who Ever Lived? Chinese Woman Claims To Be 127 Years Old

A woman in China claims to be the oldest person who ever lived. Luo Meizhen recently celebrated what she says is her 127th birthday. The verified eldest person who ever existed reached the very ripe old age of 122. Meizhen also claims she gave birth to her only son when she was 61-years-old. The Chinese woman lives in the south Guangxi province in Bama County, a region famous for the number of centenarian residents.

Luo Meizhen says she was born in 1885. If the woman’s age is verifiable, she will become the oldest known living person. Jeanne Calment of France is the current record holder. She lived 122 years and 164 days and died in 1997.

During a her 127th birthday celebration last month, Meizhen enjoyed two bowls of rice; several slices of duck, chicken, and pork; and two pieces of cake. Bama County has been home to 74 centenarians, according to the 2000 census. The relatively small population of the area, 238,000, makes the large number of near-record holders even more impressive. There are approximately 30.8 people over the age of 100 residing in the south Guangxi region of China. The typical percentage of centenarians in towns known for longevity is 25 per every 100,000, according to the Daily Mail.

The oldest verified living person is currently Besse Cooper from Monroe, Georgia. Cooper celebrated her 117th year on the planet on August 26 surrounded by her family and nursing home friends. When the Guinness World Records representatives came calling, she told them her secret to a enjoying long life involved not eating junk food and minding her own business.