Orlando Shooting Means 50 Less Pedophiles In The World — Christian Fundamentalist Pastor

The Orlando shooting has silver linings says a Christian fundamentalist pastor in the U.S. The mass shooting, which killed 49 people inside the Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida on June 12 is touted by U.S. President Barack Obama as the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

To Steven Anderson, however, the Orlando tragedy is more of a blessing in disguise as he expounds on his Christian fundamentalist views to Attitude. Pastor Anderson says the following.

“The bad news is that a lot of the homos in the bar are still alive…These homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles. The Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death…Obviously, it’s not right for somebody to just shoot up the place because that’s not going through the proper channels.”

Initial reports of the death toll from the Orlando tragedy placed the number at 50, which explains why Pastor Anderson has referred to 50 “pedophiles” and not 49 — the actual death toll. Still, the pastor’s message is clear. He was alluding to what he claims to be the biblical fact that God condemns homosexuality. It is also obvious that the pastor is preaching the same principle to his congregation.

Anderson echoes the same belief as the Westboro Baptist Church, which, according to The Inquisitr is celebrating the Orlando shooting as an act of God. In fact, these believers argue that God actually sent the shooter to accomplish the task.

“These people should have been killed anyway but killed through the proper channels… they should have been executed by a righteous government,” continues Anderson.

In the light of these views, the source underscores the theory that it is not just radical Islam that discriminates against homosexuals. In fact, the source concludes that major religions probably share the same view on homosexuality.

Despite this, however, the Orlando shooting incident has become a catalyst for straight Christians to reach out to their gay brothers. For example, the Benham brothers share their love of Jesus Christ for the gay community, says Christian Post. Here’s more according to the source.

“As Christians, Jason and David Benham say they would have laid down their lives to save those who were killed in the Orlando gay nightclub massacre on Sunday morning.”

The two have taken their stance to Facebook. The following is the Benham brothers’ exact statement.

“We as Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong, and the [Islamic extremists,] they believe it is wrong. But our response is different. We’ve been going to gay pride marches for the past decade, and we’re planning on going this year to the Charlotte gay pride march. But we’re going to bring the love of Jesus, to people who need Jesus.”

Christian Post also underscores what Ben Carson said to a gathering of prominent Christian conservatives. Carson, a former Republican presidential candidate states that “Jesus Christ died for gays, lesbians just like he died for everyone else.”

Meanwhile, the Gospel Herald says that evangelical leaders are urging Christians to extend the love of Christ to the gay community following the Orlando shooting. The source cites the case of Evangelical leader Russell Moore who “has urged Christians to extend the love of Jesus to the LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual] community after suspected Islamic extremist Omar Mir Seddique Mateen opened fire at a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.”

“We don’t have to agree on the meaning of marriage and sexuality to love one another and to see the murderous sin of terrorism,” Moore was quoted by the source as saying. Moore proposes extending a kind of love to gay communities which reflects Jesus’ compassion, sacrifice, and non-violence.

As the recent Orlando tragedy has shown, Christianity in principle believes that homosexuality is wrong. Still, it’s possible to find some common ground or compromise. Just as there are many Biblical tracts that point to homosexuality as unnatural or contrary to human nature, the same goes for God’s miracle-weaving powers.

On the occasion of the vigil for the Orlando shooting victims, an unexplained phenomenon has occurred which science will find hard to explain. According to India Times, birds flying in formation would suddenly appear in the sky while the names of Orlando shooting casualties were being read out loud. The photographer thought that the event organizers had released the birds only to find out later that nobody did.

The same photographer later counted the birds in his photo which lo and behold — total 49, which means one for each casualty of the Orlando shooting. It is written in the Bible that when Jesus Christ was baptized, a dove appeared out of nowhere and God’s voice was heard as saying “This is my son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

If we were to follow the same principle at work in the birds miracle during the vigil for the victims of the Orlando shooting, God could be saying the following.

“I am well-pleased with the sacrifice of all these 49 souls. I now take them to heaven — whether they are homosexuals or not.”


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