Hillary Clinton: Could She Really Be Blackmailed By Vladimir Putin Over Hacked Emails? What Could He Have On Her?

Hillary Clinton’s email is now very likely in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is also likely Putin is not the only one reading their own hacked copy. Romanian Hacker Guccifer told Fox News hacking Hillary’s server was easy.

“For me, it was easy… easy for me, for everybody,”

Vladimir Putin has allegedly threatened to release Hillary’s emails, and American Intelligence is taking it seriously, according to the Observer.

“American intelligence officers are asking not ‘if’ but ‘when’ the Kremlin will dip into its arsenal of Clinton collateral.”

Hillary Clinton took illegal chances with national security by using her own personal email server. According to the Observer, Clinton took chances with real people’s lives. The names of various informants, risking their lives to help America, were listed on emails that were completely unsecured.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by Alex Wong c

Vladimir Putin and an untold number of other governments and individual hackers now have all sorts of sensitive information. This is all because Hillary wanted to use her own private server.

The Observer sums up Mrs. Clinton’s actions in a rather dark light.

“In Hillary Clinton’s judgment, protecting her political viability was more important than protecting U.S. national security. Keeping her work-related communications from the clutches of federal record maintenance laws and the Freedom of Information Act was more important than following the laws protecting the handling of national security-related information.”

Vladimir Putin is alleged to have at least 20,000 of Clinton’s emails. It is doubtful that Russia would make names of undercover individuals public. Even they probably understand that no good could come from the bloodbath that would ensue if any of those people are still alive.

Hillary Clinton [Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty images]

Hillary Clinton is probably most concerned with covering her activities involving the Clinton Foundation. Any sort of donations for favors scandal would hurt her politically and get her into potential legal trouble.

Vladimir Putin could also reveal details on what President Obama now refers to as the biggest mistake of his presidency, namely Libya. the Guardian quotes Obama on the subject.

“[My] worst mistake [was] probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya… didn’t work.”

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in hindsight, apparently made some bad calls in handling Libya, or at least the outcome was a disaster, based on the time frame her emails would have contained details of her work in Libya.

The Guardian reports on the situation in Libya following Gaddafi’s demise.

“Since the downfall of Gaddafi, who was killed in a popular uprising, Libya descended into near-anarchy – ruled by rival militias vying for power while the Islamic State group has gained influence in the country.”

Vladimir Putin could have some embarrassing details of America’s involvement in Libya considering how the aftermath unfolded. The details of Libya exceed the scope of this article, but the book Architects of Disaster: The Destruction of Libya by Peter Hoekstra, the former chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, covers the subject. The cover art features Hillary in the foreground and Barack Obama in the background. There are also numerous YouTube videos on the topic.

Will Hillary Clinton be discredited by the release of her emails, whether by Putin or another source? That depends on how they are released. If they were read on the evening news, the American people might take note, but that is unlikely to happen. If they were to appear on Wikileaks, rumors would fly under the general public’s radar among those few Americans who want to stay informed on the issue.

Clinton’s emails are dangerous, but not because of what they would do to her campaign. The recent primary proves that her supporters do not care about the scandals that surround her. There is a lot of information already available, including leaked email, that would potentially discredit her. The FBI already has the emails, so Russia’s possession of them is purely academic from their point of view. The general public is losing interest. The real danger would be their use by enemies in the Middle East, gaining those informant names, and also the details of various actions taken.

Hillary Clinton could be blackmailed by Vladimir Putin or any number of hackers.

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