Westboro Baptist Church: Orlando Massacre Has Bikers, Counter-Protest Protecting Shooting Victims’ Funerals

The Westboro Baptist Church is once again becoming a headache for funeral-goers. They have been known to protest the mourning rites for everybody from celebrities to victims of national tragedies, all in the name of God. True Christians can attest that the WBC is little more than a religious hate group no better than the Muslim extremists who they’re celebrating after the Orlando massacre.

In Orlando, a big draw in Central Florida known for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, life is diverse. People of all races, religions, and sexual identities can co-exist, but not always in peace. This past week, a Muslim extremist used an automatic weapon and unloaded it into the patrons of Pulse dance club, known for being a hangout for the LGBTQ community. Fifty people died, all of different sexual identities and races, after one terrorist decided to end their lives.

The social media reaction has been generally sad for different reasons. Thousands across the United States mourn the deaths of their family and acquaintances, except for a few. Donald Trump is among those who felt the event strengthened their view on Muslims. One man is hardly an entire religion, but that didn’t stop the media and the real estate mogul from generalizing once more and pushing to halt immigration. Though he deleted that tweet, his point is still obvious.

The Westboro Baptist Church is maintaining a similar yet opposite view, having stated that “God sent the shooter” who terrorized the LGBTQ community. They are forgetting that suicide is not something that God smiles upon, and the shooter killed himself. This isn’t stopping them from planning a protest of the funerals for the victims of the Orlando massacre.

The Westboro Baptist Church is the same group who protested the deaths of pop music legend Prince and boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. They recently posted a simple tweet in all capital letters stating they are “Orlando bound.”

One group on Facebook, the Orlando Westboro Counter Protesters, is planning to combat the WBC on peaceful terms, though they are willing to work with bikers to come to the aid of mourners.

“Does anyone have connections to a biker organization that could be on-site and on standby to rev their engines to drown out the shouts of the bigots? Please message us if you do. Remember … unfortunately we have 50 funerals to defend. We need all the help we can get.”

The Westboro Baptist Church’s message of “God hates [gays and lesbians]” will hopefully be drowned out thanks to the help of organizations such as the Patriot Guard, FL Gulf Coast Riders, and local Orlando biker Julius Rodriguez’s people. The Westboro Counter Protesters have also told the church not to involve them in their protest.

“Hello Westboro Baptist ‘Church.’ We saw your tweet with the link to this page. You’re wasting your time here. We are a united people. Our city stands for love and acceptance of all – things Jesus taught – but you wouldn’t know about that. Save your time and money and go home. You’re not wanted. You don’t represent us. You aren’t a part of our community and you won’t be able to stand the Florida heat.”

Florida in the middle of summer is often a mix of intense humidity and tropical storms which will make anyone sweat just standing still.

The Westboro Counter Protesters are staying vigilant and watching the Westboro Baptist Church’s every move.

“We got word Westboro arrived this morning; however, they have not confirmed their presence yet. They have said they’re coming and have made a statement that ‘God sent the shooter.’ We’re monitoring all their communications to see what their intentions are. We have to be ready.”

It’s doubtful that the counter-protesters will stop the hate group from continuing their tour of insanity, but they aim to at least give the victims of the Orlando massacre the peace they need to mourn their family and friends.

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