Bill Maher Slams Millennials Over False Socialism Views [Video]

Bill Maher is one of the few media personalities that came straight out of the gate and gave Bernie Sanders a fair shake, even endorsing him on Real Time With Bill Maher. But now that Sanders has all but lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton, Maher is taking issue with the millennial generation and what he calls their “free s**t” view on socialism.

Even though Bill Maher is a fierce proponent for socialism, or at least a more perfect hybrid of the economic policy that is somewhere in between capitalism and communism, he does take issue with the younger generation of voters who only see it as an opportunity to cash in on free stuff from the government.

There is enough reason to believe that Bill Maher is quite hip with most of the younger generation when it comes to socialism, but he has quite a different view of the economic policy than most of the younger generation, as reported by Salon.

“Everyone has to admit that even though Bernie Sanders didn’t win the nomination, he’s already won the future,” Bill Maher said on his Real Time segment “New Rule.” “But let’s not romanticize socialism the way conservatives romanticize capitalism. These are economic systems, not your first kiss.”

Bill Maher also pointed out that even though the millennial generation has indeed gotten a raw deal with the state of the economy and the horrible lack of jobs that they have seen since their high school and college careers ended, Maher does not want those people who have had to live in their parents’ or grandparents’ homes well into adulthood to get too used to the idea that everything should just be handed to them.

Bill Maher really seemed to expound upon the whole free-stuff-via-the-internet idea. With the onslaught of video and music piracy on the internet, millennials have seemed to lead the charge in that area. Maher cited them as an example as to why people who work for their craft, such as musicians and adult film stars, deserve to be paid for what they do.

In the Real Time segment, Bill Maher had Rage Against The Machine musician Tom Morello sitting right next to him when he spoke about the issue he was having with millennials thinking that music should simply be given to them for free.

There was also an exchange about the Bernie Sanders campaign, as reported by Raw Story, that both Bill Maher and Tom Morello were more engaged in.

“People complained the other night that Bernie didn’t mention the sort of historic moment of Hillary Clinton being the nominee,” Morello told Maher. “But Hillary Clinton did not mention the historic moment of a socialist, in the United States of America, winning twenty-two states — in the United States of America.”

But Bill Maher was more interested in talking about the fact that Bernie Sanders was able to bring out the more leftist folk in America and force Hillary Clinton to take up an agenda that she may not have done without Bernie in the race.

“I also think he could have won too… because I think the people who worked for him worked really hard,” Bill Maher said on his show. “He forced the centrists in the race to go way left. And by the way, since he’s not coming over immediately, forcing her [Clinton] to stay there, which I understand.”

The truth is, Bill Maher is right about the Bernie Sanders campaign forcing Hillary Clinton’s hand to take up a more socialist agenda, which could be why she flip-flopped on certain issues including gay marriage and the TPP.

But either way, Bill Maher is not too pleased with the millennial backlash following the moment that the AP declared Clinton the winner of the Democratic primary.

[Image via HBO]