Burning Man Will Be Year-Round After Utterly Controversial Land Grab

Dustin Kemp

The Burning Man Journal was the first to report that the organization behind the infamously hedonistic Burning Man music festival, an event that normally takes place for 10 days every August-September in the Nevada desert, have bought a huge ranch nearby. They plan to use the land to establish a year-round Burning Man commune, and the decision is more than a little controversial.

"Fly Ranch opens the door to new possibilities, new cultural experiments, and art and innovation projects on a scale never before envisioned."

"We're a long way from defining exactly what will happen at Fly Ranch. But it's not too early to begin dreaming of the potential," they note.

In other words, the organizers themselves think is is a great idea that they say will enable "the next step in the grand experiment that is Burning Man" to be taken.

The publication explains that the makeshift city regularly set up for the week and a half-long music festival is literally burned at the conclusion of the event, giving pyromaniacs their annual fix and, more importantly, making a primal statement about impermanence and spontaneity.

"It's a symbol of the non-permanence of art, of the ritual," writes Carly Shields of BTRread in an article on the burning of the surroundings at the end of Burning Man.

"Permanent infrastructure for Burners is a great idea," writes Burning Man blog Burners.me.

"Destruction and pollution is so 1980's. Leave It Better trumps Leave No Trace. A Center for Philosophy, to spread the culture around the world? I could see that happening."

The new plot of land, called Fly Ranch, is at least several times as big, and it will assure festival-goers will have a good amount of space in which to spread out. The land is also very geographically diverse and includes wetlands, hot springs, and even a geyser in addition the the barren Nevada desert that made up the entirety of Burning Man's old site.

"Note:Do not try to visit Fly Ranch during Burning Man 2016. Seriously."

Would you rather attend a Burning Man festival at Black Rock City or Fly Ranch? Would you ever consider living in the Burning Man commune? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Photo by David McNew/Newsmakers]