Police taser pregnant mother in the back at her kid’s baptism

Police in Prince William County, Virginia tased a pregnant mother in the back last week while attending a callout for a noise complaint at her kid’s baptism.

The woman, Leticia Elias was celebrating the baptism of her two sons in the god father’s backyard when the police arrived at the scene. The god father, 55 year old Edgar A. Rodriguez was tased first, but when we say first, we mean three times, as police allege that he under the influence of alcohol and refused to show identification.

Elias reportedly tried to tend to him, an action police claim was assault on a police officer, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. We’d note again that in “assaulting” the police, Elias was shot in the back, and high up on her body, suggesting that not only was she not attacking police, but may have been slumping down to help Rodriguez at the time.

It gets better: Rodreiguez is a Church family counselor and bible studies teacher. The kids: well they were baptized in a home that according to reports was lined with American flags that has a banner hung on the door stated “God bless America.”

Police are naturally saying they did nothing wrong, despite charging Rodriguez with public intoxication while he was on his own property. The family is considering suing.

Being a baptism there was also video evidence; although it’s not conclusive, it shows Rodreiguez being tased while seemingly talking to the officers. Probably goes without saying, but epic fail.