Bernie Sanders’ Real Lesson: America Is Ready For A Political Revolution

Election 2016 has been a wild and crazy ride for those of us closely watching Bernie Sanders show the Democratic establishment that America’s left is ready for a change, and the ride is nowhere near over. Regardless of the outcome of yesterday’s primaries, the outcome of the Democratic National Convention, and even the outcome of the November general election, we have learned one thing: Bernie Sanders has proved America is ready for a political revolution.

Since Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy on April 30, 2015, the Democratic race has been anything but certain. Hillary Clinton and the establishment thought her nomination was a sure-fire thing, but Bernie has repeatedly made her question her position as the frontrunner.

Increasing the establishment’s surprise, support for Bernie Sanders has steadily grown over the past 14 months, and his presidential bid has become less of a campaign and more of a social movement. Sanders’ campaign has not been riddled with negativity and attacks. Instead, his campaign has been about both ideas and ideals.

Like Barack Obama in 2008, Bernie Sanders has become not only the candidate representing hope and change but also the candidate who has a plan to make those changes happen. Unlike Obama, Bernie Sanders is a candidate with a long political history that proves to voters he is not afraid to fight to deliver on his promises.

One only has to look at pictures from Bernie Sanders’ rallies to see the difference between his campaign and other presidential campaigns in modern history. Bernie’s campaign has united blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans. His rallies are attended by the young and the old, white collar and blue collar. His rallies are what America should be. Compared to the division seen throughout most of America, Bernie’s rallies are as revolutionary as he is.

Bernie Sanders Louisville rally

Like the subject of the Bellamy Brothers’ song, Bernie Sanders could be called an “Old Hippie,” but Bernie does indeed know what to do. He has positively galvanized Americans, compelling them to take action. Bernie has inspired artists. He has opened eyes. He has reminded people that choices do exist, that grassroots movements can have power, and that the average American deserves to have his or her voice heard.

As a man who came of age in the 1960s, Bernie Sanders also understands political revolution. According to Biography and Time, he attended the March on Washington in 1963, and he was arrested for protesting segregation. He was against the Vietnam War, but he has always supported America’s veterans. Bernie knows the difference between right and wrong on both political and personal levels, and his experiences over the past five decades are what have allowed him to excite and lead such a large segment of the American population.

During the 2016 election, Bernie has continuously reminded America of the difference between right and wrong. He has reminded us that protecting the environment is always right and raping the land for capitalist gain is always wrong. He has reminded us that education is right and allowing ignorance to flourish is wrong. Most recently, in the wake of the mainstream media’s intentionally misleading Clinton nomination announcement, he reminded us that the truth is worth fighting for.

If Bernie Sanders fails to secure the Democratic nomination, we, his supporters, still have a choice. Our choice is whether to slink back under our rocks or to continue fighting the political revolution Bernie Sanders started. We must decide which America we want the next generation to inherit — a government of the establishment, by the rich, for the rich, or a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

If we want real change, real political revolution, we must keep fighting. We must teach America’s youth the difference between right and wrong. We must keep telling the truth. We must keep focusing on uniting our fellow Americans instead of dividing them. We must educate, inspire and love. We must keep “berning” the flame Bernie has lit.

[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]