Man ‘Breaks’ Penis With Male-Enhancement Drugs

Warning, readers – this story is not for the faint of heart.

A Texas man is suing male-enhancement supplement manufacturer VirilisPro for breaking his penis. The lawsuit claims that the man took the supplement thinking that it would enhance his pleasure. However, during a hotel rendezvous with his “paramour,” he says that he fractured his penis thanks to the supplement, causing excruciating pain and requiring surgery.

The August 27 complaint said that Adrian Carter, 29, experienced “significant pain and observed a large quantity of blood squirting out of his penis onto the sheets, walls and mirror” during a Houston motel romp last year, reports ABC News.

It gets worse.

The penile fracture and break caused emergency room doctors to “deglove” his penis (read: exactly what it sounds like) in order to repair the urethra because it had “separated completely.” He had to urinate through a catheter after the surgery, and doctors reportedly told Carter that he may never have an erection again or father children, reports the Courthouse News Service.

According to VirilisPro’s website, the supplement increased sexual performance and “penile hardness” for up to three days. The supplement retails for $59.99 a bottle, and is said to be made “with only natural ingredients to prevent harmful side effects.”

“It was pretty horrific to view the pictures,” said Carter’s attorney, Melissa Moore. “I know it sounds unusual … He was young and healthy and on no other meds at the time he took the supplement.”

Still, some medical professionals are saying that Carter’s report might be a bit exaggerated.

One Atlanta doctor said that thought penile fractures during sexual intercourse do happen, he’s never heard of “anyone being put at a higher risk for fracture because of a prescription or an herbal drug.”

“When a man breaks his penis it can be very scary,” Carney added. “I believe he took this story and spiced it up.”

Carter is seeking unspecified monetary damages, including for medical expenses, and pain and suffering.