Bernie Sanders Protects Americans From Establishment Bullying -- A Big Reason He May Win

Bernie Sanders is fighting for a future where Americans are no longer bullied by a small group of politicians and their super rich friends.

Bernie Sanders may tie or win California, and ultimately win the presidency, for this reason: he guards the American people from being bullied.

Americans are sick of being punched in the face by injustice while being told, "This is just the way things work." They are fed up with having their lunch money stolen without recourse because their politicians are corrupt.

Bernie is the only candidate who clearly articulates how guilty banks bully innocent people. Massively wealthy banks have taken tax money to fix their own wrongdoings, yet students are abandoned in a sea of debt from college study -- their innocent, hard-working attempt to prepare for life and a career.

Sanders seeks to stop powerful, undeserving banks from taking enormous sums of money from taxpayers. Bernie supports public college students getting help from the tax base, especially since most of their parents paid into it, and those students will soon be paying into it, too.

Bernie Sanders has fully committed his career to protecting human beings who are bullied out of hate or lack of respect. Blacks, Hispanics, women, Veterans, Muslims, LGBT, and so many groups have suffered severe injustices, and they can count on Sanders to fight for their rights.

Bernie Sanders calls out the bullying of sending people to prison for drug issues that beg for treatment, not arrest. He seeks to stop the bullying of blocking employment from people with past criminal records for which they served their time and paid their fees.

Sanders knows that Americans are bullied when they are sick or injured and without affordable healthcare. Members of Congress and extremely wealthy people have no worries about healthcare for the rest of their lives. But because those members of Congress won't improve upon the Affordable Care Act, most Americans still have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for healthcare -- and many, as USA Today reports, can't afford it, accepting less coverage and ridiculously high deductibles. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is truly dedicated to this issue.

Only Bernie points out that Americans are bullied at the voting booth. When the establishment makes rules keeping independent voters out, shutting down voting places, and requiring people who have jobs and children to somehow wait five hours to cast their votes, that is bullying. Of course it was Sanders who told CNN that these problems with voting are a "disgrace."

Sanders seeks to protect powerless immigrants from the bullying of reason-less deportation.

Bernie is stopping the bullying of low pay. Bill and Hillary Clinton became multi-millionaires by holding public office -- a career that is supposed to be about humble service, not wealth-making. Meanwhile, teachers, nurses, social workers, laborers, and millions upon millions of other people who work hard at full time jobs can barely make ends meet because of issues like minimum wage being too low and women too often being paid less than the industry standard.

Many anti-bullying campaigns exist. But only Bernie Sanders points out that extremely rich people and politicians -- collectively known as "the establishment" -- unfairly force millions of Americans to struggle in their daily lives.
Bernie Sanders isn't just an endearing guy. He isn't simply a happy sight to a sore brain after enduring the maniacal mainstream media.

Bernie Sanders will be the president-protector, fighting to dismantle the establishment, so it can no longer bully the American people.

Free from bullying, Bernie Sanders' America is the only future to believe in. Which is why he may win. And why America loses if he doesn't.

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]