Blake Shelton Opens Up About His Romance With Gwen Stefani, But What About Those Pregnancy Rumors?

Blake Shelton’s romance with Gwen Stefani has been one the most surprising and heartwarming celebrity matches in recent years. While the two continue to ride out their blooming relationship, Shelton recently opened up about how he first started to bond with his The Voice co-star.

According to InTouch Weekly, Shelton revealed that his relationship with Stefani started while the two worked together last season on The Voice.

“It took a while, because it’s chaos. But just over time, seeing each other a lot at work, it just kind of developed into that,” Shelton shared in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I created this bond with somebody that I never would have thought in a million years.”

Shelton and Stefani announced their relationship in November, months after they each went through divorces of their own. Shelton had divorced Miranda Lambert last summer, while Stefani parted ways with Gavin Rossdale a month later.

Ever since they started dating, the country star and pop diva have been practically inseparable.

Gwen Stefani Sings About Blake Shelton In New 'Misery' Music Video
Although their romance has kicked into high gear over the past few months, Celebuzz is reporting that things didn’t start out that way.

“We were starting The Voice last year, and I had to sit down and go, ‘Look, by the time this thing airs, my life will have completely changed, and we need to talk about this now because it may affect what we talk about on the show,’ ” Shelton recalled, referencing his divorce. “I just felt like there doesn’t need to be secrets.”

With everything out in the open, Shelton and Stefani were able to build a healthy friendship that eventually grew into a romance.

“We just started to develop a friendship after that,” Shelton added.

While the two have shared their love for each other on social media, they recently collaborated on a song together. When opening up about working with Stefani on “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” Shelton admitted that music brought them even closer together.

“As I was making the record, other developments were happening. I was spending some time with Gwen all of a sudden, and she became my closest ally, my friend, my person in my life who had my back, and I had hers,” he stated.

Of course, their openness about their relationship has led to plenty of speculation.

According to Redbook Mag, Stefani hit back against reports that she and Blake Shelton were preparing for a wedding.

“Let’s just take it one day at a time,” Stefani said during a radio interview on The Tommy Show. “Everything’s crazy right now so no, absolutely not.”

Although numerous wedding rumors are currently circulating, Stefani also recently battled reports of a new pregnancy.

According to Us Magazine, Shelton and Stefani frequently discuss their future together. Not only do they talk about wedding plans, but they also chat about starting a family together.

Gwen Stefani Sparks Engagement Rumors
Indeed, it isn’t a big secret that Shelton wants a family of his own. After all, he has already proven that he can be a great father figure to Stefani’s three boys.

“Blake always wanted a family, and it’s looking like he got one,” an inside source told the outlet.

Despite all of the rumors surrounding her relationship with Shelton, Stefani recently crushed the pregnancy speculation and explained just how ridiculous the rumors really are.

“Can you imagine the amount of gossipy, weird stories people make up?” she stated. “To me, it makes me laugh every day. The best part about it is it’s hilarious; the worst part about it is that some people actually believe that stuff like that is what’s funny.”

Considering the nature of their relationship, however, it would not be surprising if Shelton and Stefani eventually tie the knot. The only real question remaining is when the two will decide to walk down the aisle.

Tell us! Do you think Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will wed by the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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