Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Have A Secret Meeting About Blake Shelton’s Relationship With Their Boys

Gwen Stefani recently took a big step in her relationship with Blake Shelton. And no, the two did not get engaged.

Romper is reporting that Stefani met in secret with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. The topic of their conversation was Stefani’s relationship with Shelton and, perhaps more importantly, Rossdale’s continued role as the father of their three sons.

The secret meeting is understandable, especially considering the nature of Stefani’s relationship with Shelton. With their romance as strong as ever – and very prominent in the public eye – it’s completely normal for Rossdale to wonder what is happening between the two.

After all, Shelton and Stefani have often expressed their love for each other on social media. Furthermore, the two have officially collaborated together on a song and even performed the track live twice now.

With wedding bells reportedly in the air, Rossdale apparently wanted to know how Stefani’s relationship with Shelton will impact their children. According to an insider, Rossdale wants Stefani to consult him “on everything concerning the kids and the role that Blake is playing in their lives.”

Blake Shelton kisses Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have performed their duet live twice. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]According to International Business Times, Rossdale is very concerned about Shelton’s interactions with his children. Not only does Rossdale dislike Shelton as a person, but he doesn’t approve of Kingston (10), Zuma (7), and Apollo (2) spending time with their mother’s boyfriend.

At the same time, a source revealed that Rossdale regrets how his relationship with Gwen Stefani ended. Rather than go through with the divorce, Rossdale wanted to reconcile with The Voice star.

“If it were up to Gavin he would want to work it out with Gwen,” the insider stated.

For his part, Shelton has little respect for Rossdale, especially after he reportedly cheated on Stefani with their nanny.

An insider revealed to Independent that Rossdale’s affair is the main reason why Shelton doesn’t interact with Rossdale.

“Blake has nothing to do with Gavin,” the source admitted. “He can’t forgive someone who treated his lady that way.”

That being said, Rossdale’s cheating ways have not been officially confirmed by Stefani, though she has alluded to it in the past.

Gwen And Gavin Meet To Talk About Kids Gwen and Gavin with sons Zuma and Kingston [Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]Either way, it is clear that Shelton has little to say to Rossdale and wants to play a much larger role in Stefani’s life moving forward.

In fact, reports have recently surfaced that Shelton popped the big question to Stefani during an indoor picnic at her L.A. mansion. While the reports have not been confirmed, a source revealed that Stefani thinks very highly of Shelton and his influence on her life.

“She tried so hard for the kids to keep the marriage together. Then here came this ray of sunshine who did make her smile, and now he’s one of the most positive people in her life,” the source explained.

Shelton’s own experiences with a failed relationship have also factored into his romance with Stefani. As fans will recall, Shelton divorced Miranda Lambert last summer, only a month before Stefani and Rossdale called it quits.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail released photos of Stefani and Shelton spending time with her children at the Indianapolis 500 last weekend looking like one big happy family. The country crooner performed during the illustrious event and later treated Stefani and Kingston to a VIP pass.

Stefani wore a pink sweater for the event while her eldest son wore a red t-shirt and ball cap.

The three appeared to have a great time together, with Shelton even giving Kingston a high five backstage after his performance.

Based on their recent sighting, Stefani is clearly okay with Shelton being an influence in her kids’ lives. Whether or not Rossdale approves of Shelton’s interactions is another matter.

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[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]