A Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Breakup Postmortem: Just The Facts

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up, as the whole world knows by now. It’s time to set the record straight once and for all. Our mission, the one we have chosen to accept, is to answer odds and ends, as well as all the lingering questions, with the facts only.

This approach is the only means to guarantee that we will arrive at the truth and nothing but the truth.

Let’s begin.

Exhibit A: Here’s the fateful Calvin Harris tweet confirming the breakup and the circumstances surrounding it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. And with absolutely no embellishments.


Now we all know that Calvin Harris is a man of few words. He wouldn’t tweet like this if he didn’t feel that it was important. Obviously, Calvin was being irked by all the wild speculation going on everywhere regarding his relationship with Taylor Swift.

In short, Calvin Harris is telling us to disregard all speculations like he and Taylor Swift broke up because he was feeling insecure about Swift’s career success. Or that he and Taylor are two very different people who are just not compatible to take the relationship any further. There are also those who believe that before the breakup occurred, Harris was caught trying to buy a ring from a jewelry store.

Now with regards to the speculation that Calvin Harris ran to the jewelry store to buy a ring shortly before the breakup happened, we cannot find any picture, tweet, or any kind of proof whatsoever. Interestingly enough, there have been a few sources who still went ahead to report such a sighting, such as Page Six on the ring that never was.

We also know that Taylor Swift retweeted Calvin Harris’ tweet, which clearly indicates that she agrees with her ex’s assessment of the situation 100 percent. So, the next question to answer is if love and respect remain for both parties, why would the “relationship come to an end?”

In other words, if “Romeo and Juliet” were still pretty much in love with each other and furthermore, still respect each other, what would cause this kind of relationship to end? The only thing we can think of is that the spark is gone between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. They are still in love, but the sparkle, or attraction in the relationship is no longer good enough, thereby causing the partnership to fizzle out like a train that just ran out of fuel.

Now, this explanation was not part and parcel of the original list of media explanations for the couple’s debacle, so there is a very good chance that this is the smoking gun in the Calvin-Taylor breakup. Interestingly enough, here is another fact in our investigation, which we will log as Exhibit B.

This is a photograph of Calvin Harris with his shirt off which he posted on his Instagram account on May 30, a post that Harris has since deleted. Luckily, the same picture is found in an earlier Instagram post.

And to prove that the original post has, indeed, been deleted, please feel free to click this People link, which is our original source. You will find that although there is a boxed space where the photo of the shirtless Calvin Harris originally appears, the same photo, i.e., our Exhibit B, is nowhere to be found.

So the questions we now ask is “Why was the Instagram post deleted?” and “Why would someone like Calvin Harris post a photograph of himself almost fully naked within that period of time that the Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift breakup is in progress?”

Before we search for answers to such questions, let it be stated first that the owner of an Instagram account, which in this case is Calvin Harris, reserves the right to delete his post for whatever reason he deems necessary. However, this act does not necessarily delete the post from the so-called URL links that originally linked to his post.

Now with that off our chest, our follow-up question is, in the midst of all that heightened speculation regarding a possible breakup, why would one of the parties proudly bare his chest, as if to signal that he, Calvin Harris, is once again very much available to all the single women of the world? The timing couldn’t have been more suspect, and the subsequent post deletion thereof.

Was the post deleted out of remorse? Also, was the original post made in haste, that is, without thinking of the consequences such that it could it be interpreted as an indicator of sexual insecurity or some sort of inadequacy felt at that time? We will leave it to Taylor Swift’s ex to answer that question. In the meantime, here is another picture, which we log as our Exhibit C.


This is a triumphant picture of Calvin Harris after his split from Taylor Swift. As you can see, he has the biggest smile and with seeming relief all over his face as to give that almost angelic facial glow. Did Calvin Harris really think that he got away with it?


[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]