Hillary Clinton’s Image And Persona: Why Donald Trump Won’t Accuse Her Specifically

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both given 57 percent of Americans an unfavorable impression, according to Politico. Of the 43 percent who do like Trump, many are incredibly enthusiastic. Clinton’s 43 percent are quieter about it, to say the least.

Bernie Sanders supporters are also avid supporters. Sanders and Trump hold massive rallies that spawn intense emotions and devotion to a cause. Clinton supporters don’t gather in massive rallies, as evidenced by the three comparative videos below.

The Donald Trump army of tough avid supporters rivals Bernie Sanders’ army of young people in enthusiasm at huge rallies. Both Sanders and Trump have supporters willing to fight, march, protest, canvass, and do anything else necessary for their candidate. Hillary supporters seem content supporting her on social media. They are loyal, but reserved.

Hillary Clinton desperately needs to revamp her image and whip up some positive vibes, according to her former campaign manager, Mark Penn. Mark told Politico that Hillary needs to revamp her own image rather than continue to attack Trump.

“From her point of view, establishing positives is far more important to winning, Why spend so much energy attacking Trump, what difference does it make, when he’s over 57 percent negative and she has a lot of leadership qualities that have gone unsung? It’s like beating a dead horse.”

Fighting Donald Trump has no benefit to Clinton, according to Geoff Garin, a veteran of her 2008 campaign. Geoff now works as a pollster for Priorities USA. Garin told Politico he too believes Hillary’s image could use a positive infusion.

“There would be a real benefit in building her positive case. From the voters’ perspective, what people care about is who’s going to help them and who might hurt them.”

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton by Joe Raedle 2 c Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Hillary Clinton’s problems lie not only with that elephant in the room of an email scandal, but also with the way people perceive her. The public has basic trust issues with Hillary, and that has been building for a long while. No one doubts that she is smart and capable, but is she really on their side? The Guardian puts it well based on a CBS News YouGov poll taken back in April.

“At the heart of Clinton’s troubles with Sanders are questions about her empathy, authenticity, and honesty.”

Hillary Clinton has a huge image problem. In the CBS News Poll, only 38 percent of Democrats felt Hillary was honest and trustworthy, compared with Bernie at 62 percent. Only 37 percent thought she was authentic, while only 44 percent believed she understood the problems of ordinary people like them. They did find her effective, and electable.

Donald Trump by Joe Raedle 2 c Donald Trump [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Donald Trump, allegedly her sworn enemy and certainly not one to pull punches, has been strangely unwilling to openly attack her with details concerning that email. It is the elephant in the room that few people want to point out. Trump says he read the report but did not expound on the details of its contents, according to the Washington Times. His comments seem somber, far from his usual zingers and quips.

“[Hillary Clinton] has bad judgment. This was all bad judgment… Probably illegal — we’ll have to find out what the FBI says about it, but certainly it was bad judgment. I just read the report. It’s devastating, the report. It’s devastating. And there’s no reason for it. It’s just, skirting on the edge all the time, and you look back at her history and this is her history. It’s a very, very harsh report — done really by Democrats if you think of it. Appointed by Obama and done by Democrats. So it’s shocking to see it. It’s shocking to see what she did. And really more than anything else, it’s bad judgment.”

Asked if Hillary Clinton would exit the race, Mr. Trump said it would be up to her, he apparently had no opinions and no advice. That’s kind of out of character for The Donald. One might expect he would go for the jugular, but instead, he seems quite reserved in his response.

Is Donald Trump being kind? Was he instructed by campaign managers not to gloat? Was he instructed by officials not to comment on specific contents of the report? Is he simply stunned with the overall seriousness of what should have been a simple choice to use the government’s official email system per instructions? Why isn’t he spilling and spinning all the dirty details?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are supposed to be at each other’s throats. Yet, he seems to be backing off, perhaps out of respect for a worthy adversary, or out of kindness toward a one-time friend. Remember that Hillary’s stone cold image isn’t the person she is among her inner circle, as New York Magazine explains. Hillary is a real person, and those who know her seem to like her. Is this why the Donald is showing mercy?

Hillary Clinton is, according to a recent article in New York Magazine, a real human being capable of compassion and being overwhelmingly charming. The reporter spent several days with her and found her to be kind, motherly, and concerned with individuals and their problems. That, however, is far from her public image. The Reporter concluded that the intense need for privacy was at the heart of her troubles.

“The dichotomy between her public and private presentation has a lot to do with the fact that she has built such a wall between the two. Her pathological desire for privacy is at the root of the never-ending email saga, to name just one example. But how do you convince a woman whose entire career taught her to be defensive and secretive that the key to her political success might just be to lay all her cards on the table and trust that she’ll be treated fairly? Especially when she might not be.”

Hillary Clinton’s image problem is baffling to the New York Magazine reporter.

“To be near her is to feel like the campaign is in steady hands; to be at any distance is to fear for the fate of the republic.”

Hillary Clinton is private and perhaps secretive, and it does little to comfort the public’s trust issues with her.

[Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]