Watch Two Bernie Sanders California Rallies Full Replays: Visalia, Fresno Get ‘Future To Believe In’ Sunday

Bernie Sanders brings his “Future to Believe In” to Central California on Sunday for not one, but two huge rallies to close out what has been a rocky week for Sanders as he moves into the final contests of the Democratic primary campaign — with the California primary on June 7 as the biggest prize.

Scroll down this page to watch a full replay of the Bernie Sanders rally from Visalia, California, on Sunday afternoon, followed by another all replay of a rally in Fresno that later the same day.

The pair of big Bernie Sanders rallies will wrap up a week of seven huge events in the Golden State, where Sanders hopes that a surprise victory will give him not only the majority of the 475 pledged California delegates, but also help him make the case that his “momentum” at the tail end of the primary season should persuade the 520 unpledged superdelegates who have said they plan to cast their convention votes for front-runner Hillary Clinton to change their minds.

Sanders needs those superdelegates, who are free to vote for whichever candidate they choose, to switch over to his side in order for him to win the Democratic presidential nomination. With only 1,543 pledged and unpledged delegates of his own so far, according to a count by the election data site The Green Papers, the Vermont senator needs 840 delegates to secure the 2,383 required to win the nomination.

Even if he miraculously won 60 percent of the 781 pledged delegates remaining — a margin of victory that based on current polls in the remaining states appeared unlikely in the extreme — and all 150 remaining superdelegates voted for him, Bernie Sanders would still need at least 222 of Clinton’s 520 superdelegates to change their minds at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Nonetheless, Bernie Sanders, appearing on the ABC Network Jimmy Kimmel Live program on Friday, termed Hillary Clinton “a tinge arrogant” to claim that she has the nomination locked up. Watch the video of Sanders on the Kimmel show, below.

To watch a full replay of the Bernie Sanders “Future to Believe In” rally from Groppetti Community Stadium in Visalia California, getting underway at 4 p.m. Pacific Time, 7 p.m. Eastern, on Sunday, May 29.

The Bernie Sanders rally at Paul Paul Amphitheater on the Fresno Fairgrounds can be seen in the video below.

It was an eventful week for Sanders, as he thought he had accepted a bizarre debate challenge from Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump only to have Trump then declare the challenge a “joke.”

Trump then did another about-face, saying that he would debate Sanders if a debate sponsor would put up $10 million to be donated to charity. Sanders accepted again, only to have Trump pull another 180, this time issuing a statement saying that he decided it would be “inappropriate” do debate the “second place finisher” in the Democratic race.

Also on Friday, Sanders appeared on a radio call-in morning show in Los Angeles, The John and Ken Show on KFI radio, only to cut the interview short when the hosts peppered him with questions about whether he has ever held a job outside of government, as well as how he planned to implement his campaign promises of free public college tuition and single-payer health care.

Finally, the Sanders campaign sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee demanding that former Massachusetts congressmember Barney Frank and current Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy be fired from their positions as co-chairs of the convention’s rules committee.

Both Frank and Malloy have been openly critical of Sanders — but the DNC flatly refused the campaign’s demands to fire the pair.


Bernie Sanders is far from finished with his series of California rallies after the back-to-back events on Sunday. A Sanders rally will stream live from Oakland on Monday, followed by two more, from Santa Cruz and Monterey, on Tuesday.

[Featured Photo By David McNew/Getty Images]