Haley Barbour Says Americans Think Romney Is A ‘Plutocrat Married To A Known Equestrian’

Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour thinks that the Republican National Convention, after all these storm sillies are shaken out, is a good chance for Mitt Romney to prove to the American public that he isn’t a “plutocrat married to a known equestrian.”

Yes, those were Haley Barbour’s exact words, summarizing what he thinks the Average Joe in the US thinks about the GOP candidate ahead of the election in November. But Barbour thinks that Romney’s got a chance with the RNC to turn the public narrative around, and perhaps fine-tune his ability to appeal to Americans as an actual person and not a Ken doll-like android.

Aside from Romney, Barbour also accused democrats of “playing the race card” in the 2012 election, which is kind of funny considering Romney’s welfare lies and birth certificate joke in recent weeks. Back in 2010, Barbour himself was the subject of race-based controversy when he said the segregated South wasn’t “that bad.”

But Barbour thinks that Obama’s presumed unfair incumbent advantage can be mitigated by the RNC, and said that Romney doesn’t need to parade his faith around to win over conservative voters:

“These conventions are always more important to a challenger. The incumbent president is in our living room every day… [Voters] don’t know much about Mitt Romney and they have been told a bunch of terrible things about him — he doesn’t care about people like you he ships jobs to China…He’s a plutocrat married to a known equestrian. The American people are going to find out a lot about Mitt Romney.”

On the subject of the importance of religion in the election, Barbour quoted his “mama” in saying that “if you see a fella walking down the street with a bible in one hand, watch out for what he’s got in the other hand.”