Another Sighting Of ‘Black Triangle UFO’ In Illinois Amid Rumors Pentagon Conducting Flight Tests Of Alien Tech Stealth Aircraft

A witness in Illinois has reported sighting and photographing a large, low-flying black triangle UFO.

According to the witness in a testimony submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and filed as Case 76537, he was driving along Wilmot Road in Spring Grove — a village in McHenry County, Illinois, with a population of about 5,500 people — at about 9:30 p.m. on May 22, 2016, when he noticed a large triangle UFO with bright lights hovering in the air.

“Object was at an estimated height of 200 feet above ground,” the unnamed witness told MUFON. “As I drove closer, I was able to get almost underneath it.”

After the witness drove past the hovering object, he took the next turn and returned to the location within a minute.

By the time he returned to the spot, the low-flying triangle UFO had moved and covered some distance in a northwesterly direction. It was moving slowly with the side lowered as if executing a banking turn.

“Turning around at the nearest road and driving back to location took less than one minute,” the witness wrote. “In that time, the object traveled northwest a good distance, and was seen moving slowly and slightly angled.”

The witness observed the mysterious flying object for about two minutes before it passed behind trees on the side of the road and disappeared.

“Object was at an estimated height of 200 feet above ground. As I drove closer, I was able to get almost underneath it.”

MUFON representatives in Illinois were investigating the sighting, Open Minds TV reported.

The latest sighting is typical of recent multiple reports from several parts of the country involving mysterious black triangle UFOs lurking in dark skies (see recent Inquisitr reports here, here and here).

The sightings have helped to sustain rumors in Pentagon black project conspiracy theory circles that the U.S. government is conducting a series of late-stage flight tests of a new generation of “black triangle” stealth reconnaissance aircraft.

Although the U.S. government has never admitted running a black project to develop a new generation of hi-tech triangle-shaped stealth aircraft, there have been rumors for decades about a top-secret Pentagon project.

Conspiracy theorists claim there have been multiple sightings of so-called “black triangle UFOs,” identified as the TR-3A Black Manta, the TR-3B Aurora, and its advanced version, the Astra.

Black budget conspiracy theorists claim that the USAF may have reached a late stage of the decades-long program to develop nuclear-powered triangle-shaped aircraft capable of hovering, accelerating from rest at incredible rates, and flying stealthily like alien UFOs.

Conspiracy theorists argue that recent witness reports from across the country, which describe mysterious black triangle UFOs hovering and accelerating at incredible rates from rest, suggest that the authorities are conducting flight tests and that Pentagon may soon unveil a new generation of military aircraft.

The first rumored “black triangle” craft, the TR-3A Black Manta, reportedly a subsonic stealth craft built by Northrop Grumman, was rumored to have been deployed secretly during the Gulf War to provide laser designation for USAF Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk bombers.

The craft was first reportedly sighted over Antelope Valley in southern California near the Edwards Air Force Base in the 1980s.

The more advanced model, the TR-3B Astra, is reportedly a triangular, nuclear-powered tactical reconnaissance craft being developed under the Aurora program for reverse-engineering alien UFO technology recovered from UFO crash sites, such as the alleged 1947 crash site near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico.

Development and early flight tests of the TR-3B Astra reportedly took place at the Groom Lake Area 51 facility, where some claim that prototypes were sighted flying in complete silence and hovering for more than 10 minutes before landing vertically.

The fascinating folklore surrounding the mythical craft may be traced back to the book Alien Rapture by alleged black project insider Edgar Rothschild Fouch.

Although it is equipped with hydrogen-oxygen rockets, the TR-3B is an anti-gravity stealth reconnaissance craft that operates at sub-Mach 9 speeds until it reaches an altitude of 120,000 feet, where it is able to loiter indefinitely.

There are three conventional thrusters located at the three corners of the triangular craft (see below illustrative model created by a MUFON witness). It is able to generate an anti-gravity field that reduces its weight by 90 percent so that very little thrust is required to keep it aloft indefinitely or to propel it to near Mach 10 speed and maintain the speed.

The anti-gravity field, according to black projects conspiracy theorists, is based on plasma generated by “pressurized mercury accelerated by nuclear energy.”

The revolutionary propulsion technology was reverse-engineered from alien propulsion systems, according to conspiracy theorists.

The plasma also helps to reduce its radar signature significantly, making it nearly invisible on radar. It also has an electrochemical coating that enhances its radar invisibility.

Some members of the UFO community spread rumors a few years back that a prototype TR-3B was used to destroy a Taliban camp in Afghanistan in March 2014.

There are also rumors that the Pentagon is working on advanced “single-stage-to-orbit” reusable black triangle UFOs, such as the Nautilus. Recently, some members of the online UFO community claimed to have sighted a Nautilus-type craft abandoned in a crater on the lunar surface.

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