Missouri Woman Photographs Black Triangle UFO With Bright Lights — Mysterious Craft Proof Of Pentagon Reverse-Engineering Black Projects? [Photo]

A woman from Richmond Heights in Missouri reports sighting a silent black triangle UFO with bright lights at about 11 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, while travelling on Highway 40. The UFO hovered in the sky near the highway for several minutes before it accelerated and disappeared eastward, flying silently at tremendous speed.

The latest reported sighting has drawn the attention of UFO researchers because while the U.S. government does not admit having knowledge of existence of black triangle UFOs, conspiracy theorists insist that multiple reported sightings over the years prove that they exist. UFO researchers believe that the government keeps several black triangle crafts recovered from alien UFO crash sites. Black project conspiracy theorists also believe that the Pentagon has built replicas of black triangle alien crafts through reverse-engineering studies conducted by government scientists and engineers working in top secret military bases, such as Area 51.

According to the witness in a testimony filed as Case 76223 in the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) reporting database, she had just left the St. Louis Cardinals game with her family and was travelling westward along Highway 40 when she saw a mysterious triangle UFO in the sky.

“I was the first to see it,” the witness told MUFON. “Off in the distance approximately four or five miles away in the west. I could see an extremely bright row of lights – four round, very large set of lights side-by-side.”

At first she thought they were stadium lights, and pointed them out to her husband and son. But her husband thought they were lights set atop a building or a crane.

But as they approached the bright lights after exiting Highway 40 and driving south on Highway 270, it became clear the lights were not mounted on top of a structure. According to the witness, there were no buildings or cranes in the vicinity, only trees along the highway.

The lights were very bright and shone like headlights. They appeared to come from a craft hovering in the same spot overhead.

When they came to about a quarter of a mile from the lights to the right of Highway 270, the woman’s husband slowed down and pulled to the side of the road to allow the witness to snap pictures.

It was only after the car stopped that the witness realized the UFO wasn’t just hovering, but moving very slowly.

She described the UFO as triangular in shape with four lights: Two lights were positioned close to the tips of the wings and two near the center. There were also lights around the outer perimeter of the UFO.

The family watched the UFO as it glided very slowly in their direction and passed over their truck at about the height of a low-flying helicopter. As it came closer, the witness’s husband noticed a set of multicolored blinking lights on the underside. The witness also noticed that the UFO’s bright lights appeared to dim down as it glided overhead.

She estimated the size of the mysterious craft at about the size of the family’s extended cab Silverado truck. She also noticed that it flew silently making absolutely no sound.

She was astonished that something so big could glide slowly in the air without making a sound.

“[It] made absolutely no sound — the whole time. That was the most amazing part — how something so big flying through the air could be so quiet?”

Despite the eerie strangeness of the floating triangle UFO, it did not appear threatening, according to the witness.

“There wasn’t a moment during this amazing experience where we felt scared or threatened in any way,” she told MUFON.

It accelerated suddenly after it had passed overhead, reaching a tremendous speed. It zipped through the air in the direction of St. Louis, due east. Then it gained altitude and disappeared out of sight.

“As it was passing over us it picked up a tremendous amount of speed… then shot upward at an angle toward the southeast. Within seconds it was out of sight.”

The witness thought the UFO may have accelerated suddenly because it noticed the family was watching and photographing. She was certain that other people saw the craft because although it was late — about 11 p.m. — the highway was fairly busy with traffic following the St. Louis Cardinals game.

The alleged UFO apparently belongs to a special class of UFOs known as black triangle UFOs.

Black triangle UFOs include alleged top-secret TR-3B Aurora/Astra and TR-3A Black Manta, said to be advanced USAF stealth reconnaissance aircraft believed to be Pentagon “black project” crafts inspired by TR3B-type alien crafts allegedly recovered from UFO crash sites.

There is no official acknowledgment of existence of the crafts, but alleged sightings over the years — following first reported sightings in the Antelope Valley in southern California — have convinced black project conspiracy theorists that they exist.

UFO researchers would consider the latest sighting yet another piece of corroborating evidence.

One of the best documented and authenticated black triangle sightings occurred in November, 1989, when several police officers and hundreds of Belgians reported watching two black triangle UFOs as they floated silently across the sky in Belgium.

The incident was followed by a wave of sightings — the famous and enigmatic Belgian UFO Wave — during which authenticated ground and air radar data of the alleged UFOs was obtained.

The sightings caused a stir and the Belgian Air Force conducted an investigation with a team of U.S. and NATO experts. But investigators were not able to determine the nature of the UFOs.

In December, 2015, the Inquisitr reported a sighting in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

According to the witness in a testimony filed as Case 72695 in the MUFON reporting database, a mysterious triangle- or v-shaped UFO was spotted at about 9:02 p.m. on November 19 traveling fast and silently across the night sky. Weather conditions were favorable at the time and visibility excellent with no clouds overhead.

“[I] watched [it glide silently] for five-to-six seconds before it faded from view. Speed looked like around 200 mph at say 3,000 feet altitude – just a guess though as I could not tell its size,” the witness said.

According to the Inquisitr, in March, 2016, a witness — a former military meteorological observer — from Wilcox in Cochise County, Arizona, reported sighting a mysterious black triangle UFO.

In the testimony filed as Case 74926, the witness reported watching the UFO streak across the sky over a canyon near Wilcox during a deer hunt.

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