Baltimore School Shooting: One Student Shot, Suspect In Custody [Video]

August 28 – 1:30 UPDATE Robert Wayne Gladden Jr. has been charged with first-degree attempted murder and assault for the Perry Hall High School shooting which left Daniel Borowy in critical condition.

August 28 – 11:18 am UPDATE – Alleged Perry Hall High School shooter will be charged as an adult. The 17-year-old student shot during the incident remains in critical condition.

August 28 – 8 am UPDATE – Perry Hall school shooting witnesses stated the 15-year-old shooter used a shotgun inside the school cafeteria. What type of charges will be levied against the Baltimore school shooting suspect is not yet known. Police officers and prosecutors will be working together to determine in the Perry Hall High School shooting suspect will be charged as an adult, ABC News reports.

A reporter spoke with the school shooting suspect’s father on Monday evening, the man stated his son was the shooter and noted he had allegedly been bullied but offered no further details. The father’s names is not being released due to the minor age of the alleged Perry Hall High School shooter. The reporter got no response when knocking on the door to home of the alleged shooter’s mother. A sign hanging near the door read, “We Don’t Call 911” and has a carved relief image of a gun. The 17-year-old shooting victim remains in critical condition.

8 pm UPDATE – The Perry Hall High School shooting victim is reportedly in critical condition. Police officers will likely not release the name of the alleged school shooter due to his age, according to the Baltimore Sun.

5:15 pm UPDATE – Sophomore Nick DiPaula told the Baltimore Sun the gunman pointed at him, but he escaped the shooter unharmed. The Perry Hall High School shooting witness also notes his father was in a panic when he heard about the school shooting because he could not reach his son by phone. Nick DiPaula also noted during the interview that teachers were allegedly taking away student’s cell phones after the school shooting

5 pm UPDATE – The Perry Hall High School shooter did not intentionally target his victim, police now feel after an initial round of questioning. The alleged Baltimore school shooter is a 15-year-old male – his name has not yet been released to the media, CBS News reports. Perry Hall High School counselor Jesse Wasmer is being called a hero by students for running towards the school shooter and tackling him.

2 :38 pm UPDATE – A Perry Hall High School shooting student witness told CBS News that teachers entered the cafeteria after the sound of the gunshot rang out, and tackled the shooter. A police officer perhaps a school safety officer, ran into the Baltimore high school cafeteria seconds later and helped the teachers who had wrestled the high school shooter to the floor.

12:40 pm UPDATE – Baltimore police officers are reportedly “99 percent” certain there is only one suspect in the Perry Hall school shooting. Preliminary reports indicate the Baltimore school shooting was spawned by a “one-on-one” grudge. The shooting victim has now been identified as a male, but the minor’s name has not yet been released.

Baltimore, MD – A school shooting occurred this morning at the Perry Hall High School in Baltimore. One student is confirmed shot and transported to a local hospital. Today was the first day of classes for the 2012-13 academic year at Perry Hall High School. Baltimore students are currently being relocated to a nearby shopping center to be reunited with their parents, according to The Baltimore Sun. Approximately 2,300 students attend Perry Hall high school; it is the largest public school in Baltimore County.

City council member David Marks lives near the Perry Hall High School and told The Baltimore Sun that he is currently hearing “a lot of helicopters” overhead. Councilman Marks called the Baltimore school shooting “horrific” and notes his prayers are going out to students and their families.

CBS News is reporting the Perry Hall High School shooting victim is 17-years-old and that the alleged shooter was seen being escorted to a waiting police cruiser shirtless and in handcuffs. The student shot at the Baltimore high school is reportedly in serious condition. Unconfirmed reports published by CBS News indicate the Perry Hall school shooting occurred in the cafeteria and the victim was shot in the back. Parents of Perry Hall High School students also told the local news affiliates that some type of threat about Perry Hall was posted on Facebook, but those claims are also currently unconfirmed.


In addition to Monday being the first day of classes at Perry Hall High School, today is also the first day on the job for new Baltimore County Schools’ Superintendent Dallas Dance. Perry Hall is a middle-class community located along the I–95 Corridor, northeast of Baltimore.

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