Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Booth Give Thoughts On JoJo Fletcher’s ‘Bachelorette’ Premiere

Kaitlyn Bristowe now has the pleasure of watching JoJo Fletcher as the Bachelorette. Prior to the premiere episode airing on Monday night, Kaitlyn, who was the Season 11 Bachelorette, wished JoJo luck. Kaitlyn commented that she was happily passing the torch and hoping that JoJo will find love like she did.

As the episode aired, Kaitlyn shared her thoughts on what she was watching via Twitter. On the premiere episode, JoJo was shown getting some advice from several previous Bachelorettes on how to handle the process and choose the right man. Several hours prior to JoJo meeting the 25 men vying for her heart, she met up with Kaitlyn, as well as with Ali Fedotowsky and Desiree Hartsock, at the Bachelor mansion. JoJo said that she wanted to pick their brains and find out the dos and don’ts of being a Bachelorette.

JoJo confessed to them that she was really nervous. Kaitlyn said that she was very nervous but when the men started to appear, her nerves started going away. Desiree added that the men’s nerves will calm JoJo’s. Ali told JoJo that the men will look to her to calm them down.

They then talked about kissing. JoJo said that if she feels something for somebody on the first night, she’ll kiss him. Kaitlyn, who kissed Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg, the dentist who arrived in a giant cupcake outfit, on the first night, encouraged JoJo to do it.

“Go for it. Honey, you’re trying to find a husband. You’re not going to kiss somebody?!”

Ali and Desiree also encouraged JoJo to kiss if she feels like it.

JoJo shared that she was scared to hurt people. All of the women agreed that hurting some of the men was the hardest part of the process. Kaitlyn admitted that there were some men she didn’t care about, but then there were other men who made her question whether she was doing the right thing.

“There were some guys where I was like, ‘I don’t care how you feel, let me just tell this to you right now because you’re outrageous.’ And then other guys, it like killed me. You’re like, ‘Wait, am I saying bye to the right person or like am I really hurting something?”

When JoJo Fletcher asked the women if they had any regrets, Kaitlyn Bristowe immediately said that she does. In what seemed to a reference to the fact that she had sex with Nick Viall prior to her ultimately choosing Shawn Booth, Kaitlyn said that she wishes she took things slower.

“I honestly feel like I’m a kind of person who lives in the moment and sometimes, um, I wish I would’ve taken a step back.”

After a little more chitchat, Kaitlyn proposed a toast.

“To your future husband. To the crazy drunk guy. To the kind of normal, kind of weird ones. To all the kinds of guys you’re gonna date. Enjoy each one.”

After that scene aired, Kaitlyn poked fun of the fact that during her season, she had to compete with Britt Nilsson to be the remaining Bachelorette. Britt was sent home after a majority of the men voted for Kaitlyn to remain.

Kaitlyn also indicated the man she would go for if she were JoJo. She tweeted that Jordan Rodgers, the former pro football player whom JoJo kissed and gave the first impression rose to, has the second best hair in Bachelorette history.

Not surprisingly, the man whom Kaitlyn thinks has the best hair in Bachelorette history is her fiance, Shawn.

Kaitlyn also poked fun of how one of the men, Chase, emerged from the limo with a set of “blue balls” and told JoJo to squeeze his balls whenever she feels stressed. Kaitlyn tweeted that Chase’s line could replace her infamous line from when she met season 19 Bachelor Chris Soules. Kaitlyn told farmer Chris that he could “plow her field any day” when she met him for the first time.

In regards to former Bachelor Jake Pavelka, who is coincidentally a close family friend of JoJo’s, crashing JoJo’s rose ceremony and telling her that he wants her to find love, Kaitlyn joked that she wanted to be the one to crash JoJo’s ceremony.

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s fiance, Shawn Booth, also tweeted about JoJo Fletcher’s The Bachelorette season. He wished the 25 men vying for her heart luck and joked that they’ll need a lot of alcohol to get through the experience.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the women who competed with JoJo Fletcher for Ben Higgins on Season 20 of The Bachelor and made it far alongside her, Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn, and ultimate winner Lauren Bushnell, also tweeted about JoJo as the new Bachelorette.

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