Las Vegas Woman Had Hands Severed In Machete Attack By Ex-Boyfriend

Las Vegas, NV – Maria Del Carmen Gomez had both her hands severed and was stabbed in the head with a machete wielded by her ex-boyfriend earlier this year. Carmen, 53, with reattached hands still in bandages, is now forced to battle metastic uterine cancer and undergo even more surgery.

Maria Del Carmen Gomez was stabbed with an 18-inch machete blade, losing both of her hands while locked in a violent physical battle with her ex-boyfriend, according to the Daily Mail. Paramedics rushed Gomez to the hospital after the machete attack for life-saving surgery. Maria Del Carmen Gomez was able to have her severed hands reattached and the serous machete wound to her head treated. Las Vegas surgeons spent five hours correcting the damage sustained during the machete attack and reattaching the victim’s hands.

Gomez now faces another uphill battle while she is still recovering from the machete attack. The Las Vegas machete victim still wears heavy bandages on her hands and visible scars on her head from the wounds sustained in the domestic violence incident, KTNV relates. According to the Daily Mail, Maria Del Carmen Gomez will spend another five hours on the operating table as surgeons remove her ovaries and uterus and cut cancer cells from her lymph nodes, colon, and diaphragm. Although the cancer was in an advanced stage when discovered inside Maria Del Carmen Gomez’s body, her post-chemotherapy treatment prognosis is positive.

Armando Vergara-Martinez reportedly slashed his own neck with the machete after severing Maria Del Carmen Gomez’s hands and slicing her head. The machete attack occurred outside a Las Vegas convenience store in March; Maria Del Carmen Gomez had told him to stop by for a job recommendation. Paramedics were able to save the alleged machete attacker’s life, but he now faces domestic violence and murder charges. The machete victim had reported her ex-boyfriend to the Las Vegas police after a previous attack, which landed him in jail on a misdemeanor strangulation charge.