Why it’s not a good idea to drive with snakes in your pockets

People do stupid and dangerous things all the time and thankfully no-one is injured or killed during these moments of idiocy. A good example of this is when Angel Rolon ended up causing a multi-car crash because the snakes he had stuffed in his pocket got out and slithered over the gas and brake pedals of his SUV.

The 20-year-old’s vehicle was then seen swerving as he tried to catch the creatures.

His SUV crashed into some parked cars and overturned in a street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Hartford police sergeant Christene Mertes said Mr Rolon was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

She said officers later recovered the snakes from the car.

Source: SkyNews :: Escaped Snakes Cause Multiple Car Crash

Hmm.. maybe it’s time we ran the strainer through the gene pool again.