58 Percent Of Voters Think Trump Is Unqualified, But Still Prefer Him Over Clinton [Polls]

Ayush Adhikari

Recent polls emerging have found that a majority of American voters think he is unqualified for the job as a president, but according to RealClearPolitics' average of head-to-head polls, Donald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton for the first time.

A recent poll conducted by Washington Post-ABC, which was published Sunday, found that both Trump and Clinton are viewed unfavorably by the voters. This is the first time that the two leading candidates from the major parties have been viewed as negatively as Clinton and Trump, with 57 percent viewing both unfavorably, The Washington Post reported.

About 44 percent of respondents said they wanted a third-party option. This news will certainly encourage Sanders who is now running against the odds in the democratic race, as he may be able to mount a serious challenge as an independent in case he fails to win the nomination from the Democratic Party, Telesurtv reported.

Meanwhile, 58 percent of adults said Trump was "not qualified" to be president. But this fact is not likely to affect Trump as he is polling better than Clinton in head to head polls. Though Clinton had maintained a lead over Trump in hypothetical scenarios, recent polls gave Trump the advantage and that has given him enough to have a lead on average, Telesurtv added.

The facts that have surfaced from polls are in liaison with Sander's statement that American people should not be forced to choose the lesser of two evils in the general election.

Asked in an interview that aired on ABC's"This Week" if that's how he'd describe a possible match-up between Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Sanders said it was 'not him making the characterization'.

"That's what the American people are saying. If you look at the favorability ratings of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both of them have very, very high unfavorables."
"If you look at virtually all of the polls done in the last six, seven weeks, in every one of them, nationally polls and statewide polls, we defeat Trump by larger margins — in some cases, significantly larger margins — than does Secretary Clinton," Sanders added.

Sanders is also hopeful that in the case he does not win nomination, Clinton can still prevent Trump a presidency, but has warned her to make a change in her demeanors.

"I have every confidence that if Hillary Clinton is prepared to stand up to the greed of corporate America and Wall Street; is prepared to be really strong on the issue of climate change; support, as I do, a tax on carbon; is prepared to say that the United States of America should join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people, paid family and medical leave; is prepared to say that the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality today in America, where almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1 percent. If she is strong on those issues, yeah, I think she will win and win by a large vote," Sanders said.

"But if she is not, she's going to have her problems," Sanders warned Clinton.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]