Birdman ‘Respek’: The Song — Yeah, And It’s Actually Hot [Video]

Birdman’s “Respek” has taken on a different form with his new song. While the New Orleans mogul has been the target of memes across the internet, this might help recover some of his name.

As you probably know by now, Birdman has regained relevancy — for however long — with the “respek” epidemic that has swept social media. From merchandise and publicity to memes and a new song, Birdman has milked the feedback he’s received from his recent Breakfast Club interview. That’s how you turn lemons into lemonade, folks.

Ever since Birdman’s interview with the Breakfast Club, he’s been trending without officially “trending.” The mere fact that Birdman has now re-branded the word “respect” into “respek” speaks volumes in itself. And, it seems to have been just a happy accident.

Many people believe that Birdman simply went on the Breakfast Club and acted in such a way only for publicity. However, it’s probably more plausible to suggest that — given his business-savvy background and having cultivated certain artists — Birdman knows how to salvage a particularly “totaled” situation and use the results to his advantage.

Although he has continuously made money from Lil Wayne and Young Thug — as well as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and a number of other acts — Birdman as an entertainer had gone under the radar. Then, in an attempt to rectify a potentially disrespectful situation, he went on live radio and gave the entire world ammunition to load into their meme-weapons. With good reason, people thought this would be the end of Birdman and his reputation. However, as Uproxx specifically states, Birdman is riding the “respek” trend “until the wheels fall off.”

His new song, “Respek” — according to the statistics from YouTube — has a video that is approaching 700,000 views. It has only been on Birdman’s page for the last three days. And as you can see from the music video, the re-branded word is heavily promoted via the aforementioned merchandise.

The BoomBox notes that Birdman took his viewers back to his hometown of New Orleans for the video shoot. At the beginning of the video, you can hear the 47-year-old mogul talking with a city native who tells him to put some “respek” on her name. At this point, it’s a comical term. Yet, while Birdman has been capitalizing on the “respek” trend, it seems that Charlamagne has been doing the same — but in his own way, as reports Uproxx.

If you remember, during Birdman’s Breakfast Club interview, Charlamagne mentioned that the New Orleans mogul had no reason to confront him and emphatically stated, “I’m the radio guy.” If the radio host was promoting that particular phrase before Birdman’s interview, it wasn’t apparent to other people outside of the Breakfast Club‘s demographic.

However, multitudes people understand that Charlamagne is “the radio guy.” At one point, there was a rumor spreading around that the radio host had been shot in the stomach by Birdman’s goons. Yet, that definitely rendered as a false report. The Inquisitr covered that story in detail. It turns out that, while the masses believed that he had been shot, he was actually getting ready to go on-air for another show. He didn’t know about the Birdman rumor until later within the week.

While that particular rumor was fake, it wasn’t fake that Birdman’s artist, Young Thug, had threatened the radio host over Instagram. However, many of the Breakfast Club‘s fans took his threat as a joke. If anything, Young Thug’s response started even more memes.

Nevertheless, what do you think about Birdman’s new song, “Respek”? For how long do you think this wave will last before it dissipates? Well, this be another Y.O.L.O.? Feel free to share your thoughts about Birdman in the comments below.

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