Hillary Clinton Polls: In Sign Of Potential November Blowout, Clinton Could Actually Win In Deep-Red Georgia

Hillary Clinton may be locked in a prolonged battle with a resilient Bernie Sanders who has pointed to his strength over Donald Trump in the general election, but new polls suggest that Clinton herself could be headed to a blowout win in November.

This weekend, a new poll was released showing Clinton within striking distance in Georgia, a normally reliable Republican state where Democrats have not been competitive in more than two decades. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showed that Trump holds a slim four-point lead over Clinton, 45 percent to 41 percent, which is within the poll’s margin of error.

The poll showed that Hillary Clinton’s strength among non-white voters and a general dislike of Donald Trump gives her the potential for a huge upset if she can drive voter turnout among her supporters.

But there was also high discontent among voters of both camps, with Clinton and Trump both widely disliked among Peach State voters.

“I’m not interested in having Trump in the White House at all, and Hillary Clinton is the poster child for the status quo and that status quo hasn’t served the middle class at all,” said Allen Clark, a 58-year-old from Kennesaw, in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I’m going to sit out November. At this point in my life — I’ve observed politics for a long time,” he said. “I’ve been on both sides of the fence, and I’m entirely sure that both parties are bought and paid for. Voting is a waste of time.”

The poll found that Trump’s problems may run deeper than Clinton’s. Two-thirds of younger voters had an unfavorable opinion of Trump along with 63 percent of women. A majority of voters also said they gave the Republican Party a negative rating, a sentiment shared by two-thirds of independent voters.

Past polls have shown deep problems with other demographics, including 80 percent disapproval among Latino voters. It is a sentiment that reportedly has the GOP very worried. Arizona Sen. John McCain told donors at a closed-door fundraiser last week that Trump’s poor ratings among Latino voters are putting his own seat at risk, Politico reported. McCain has since gone back on his criticism of Trump to show signs of public support, but there is worry across the GOP that Trump’s problems could lead to a blowout loss in November and the loss of many seats in Congress.

This is now the second poll in as many weeks showing Hillary Clinton with a strong chance to win in Georgia. A poll last week from Landmark/RosettaStone, via WSB-TV, had Trump in a statistical tie with Clinton there with 42 percent of voters to her 41 percent.

“I think Hillary Clinton has a chance to win Georgia if she is willing to invest here and put people in the state,” Democratic strategist Billy Linville said.

These polls take some of the wind from Sanders’ sails, as he has been trying to pitch to superdelegates that he will be the party’s strongest candidate in November. Sanders would need hundreds of superdelegates to flip from their support of Clinton in order to overcome her massive lead in pledged delegates.

The polls from Georgia are also seen as good news for Hillary Clinton beyond the immediate result of an open race in the Peach State. It also shows that Clinton is creating new battlegrounds for Donald Trump, putting the presumptive Republican nominee on defense and opening the potential for a huge win in November. Past polls have shown Clinton with a chance in other traditionally red states, including a previous poll from Utah that showed Trump in trouble of losing.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]