Donald Trump, Madonna Romantically Linked In Hilarious ‘John Miller’ Tape

A Donald Trump-Madonna romance may seem farfetched with how far removed the two now are politically, but in the newly-linked 1991 “John Miller” tapes, it was almost to be.

According to the enigmatic PR official who may or may not be the Donald himself, the only reason that Trump and Madonna never became a “thing” is that the real estate mogul had no interest.

The John Miller tape has been making the rounds on the internet since Thursday. In it, “Miller” discusses his position as a PR assistant to Trump around the time that he was leaving his marriage to Ivana, while simultaneously holding a relationship with Marla Maples.

According to “Miller,” who sounds an awful lot like the Donald, much of what was printed about his boss in the media was hogwash.

For example, he said, there were stories going around that Trump wanted to date Madonna, and it stemmed wholly from a function the pair were attending separately.

Miller said that the Material Girl wanted to meet his boss and so he agreed. While visiting with the pop singer and her then-boyfriend Tony Ward, he signed autographs for her entourage.

To set the scene, Miller says that Madonna was wearing an evening gown and combat boots. While the meeting was short and sweet, the press took the ball and ran with it implying Trump was interested in dating her when he had “zero” interest.

“And then she called and wanted to go out,” Miller said. “She’s got this PR machine that plays you people very well. She called and wanted to go out with him, that I can tell you.”

Miller insisted that the pair never went out, so a Trump-Madonna romance was not to be, but it wasn’t from the Material Girl’s lack of trying.

The Trump-Madonna meeting starts at around the three-minute mark if you’d like to hear it straight from the Donald’s PR assistant’s mouth.

As you can see, the tape goes on for about 14 minutes, and it’s worth the listen, if only to see what the 24-hour news cycle will be talking about in the week ahead.

While some commenters over at YouTube — where the video file was posted — don’t see a resemblance between Miller and Trump, many agree that it’s the GOP frontrunner and that he didn’t really even try hiding it.

Sue Carswell, the journalist on the other end of the recording, has weighed in and insists that Miller and Trump are one and the same.

She also believes that the tape leaked to the press from the Trump camp because Trump and she were the only two people who had access, and she didn’t do anything with it.

The reason? Carswell insists that it’s a distraction to divert attention away from the Paul Ryan feud and employing a butler who at one point called for President Obama’s execution on Facebook.

Also, CNN’s Anderson Cooper rolled out two witnesses and an audio forensics expert who confirmed the voices of the two men are the same. Furthermore, two other journalists covering Trump at the time said that it was common knowledge Trump used to act as his own PR person (under a different name, of course).

As far as the Trump-Madonna story is concerned, neither Trump, nor Madonna, have weighed in just yet, but the topic is sure to come up in the next few days, and this story will be updated accordingly.

But what do you think, readers?

Is John Miller and Donald Trump one and the same? And do you think there is anything to the Trump-Madonna stuff? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons / Matt Johnson]