In Weeks Leading Up To Michael Strahan’s Departure, Kelly Ripa ‘Owned’ It

Prior to the news that Michael Strahan would move to Good Morning America, this writer — not much for morning shows — observed from a hospital waiting room the power of Live! with Kelly And Michael.

Only being vaguely familiar with Strahan, the chemistry between Michael and Kelly Ripa worked, and it was apparent that he had more than enough charm to hold this new viewer’s attention to the screen to see what he would do next. Their dance footage at one point looping in the background was sexy and fun.

Not seeing the show since and still being involved in the drama that ensued through the press after it was announced that he would leave was just as compelling. How could such a perfect relationship have gone south so quickly?

Even worst, what did it mean for the show? The news made a bigger impact when recalling just how long the program had been on and to still be yanked around by a Disney executive?

Michael Strahan leaves Live!

The Inquisitr reported on Michael Strahan’s new hosting job, and the immediate fallout after it.

At no point did the thought that Kelly Ripa had taken things a little too hard come up, as Disney has a reputation in the business for pulling similar stunts.

But there was also the question of whether Disney and ABC’s decision to blindside Ripa was a misogynist move.

Without a doubt, it was, as an article by Feel Guide wonders who thought it would be a good idea for Ripa to sit there with Strahan next to her until he left in September.

The same article also refers to a post by Variety which goes further into the problems women have in the entertainment business.

Another article in the LA Times, which refers to women like Kelly Ripa not hiding their rage, makes the tired points about women being strong and angry in public and seen as a new “thing,” which is as frustrating as pretending that sliced bread is new.

In traditional media fashion, sources like the New York Post didn’t waste time with reporting on the tension from Kelly, especially when referring to her and Michael Strahan as frenemies by suggesting they would both be competing against each other with their retail lines after he leaves the show; she has the Kelly Ripa Collection and he has a line of affordable suits.

In the mentioned article by Inquisitr, it explains how Live! is run in comparison to other morning programs on the major networks, creating a possibility that Kelly Ripa might want to look elsewhere for a program rather than stay with Live!

Certainly for now, many sources have reported on the guest hosts she has lined up until she finds the right person, which is acceptable with the kind of clout many of those guests carry, and it will be sure to increase the ratings.

Friday was Michael Strahan’s last show as Ripa had put pressure on the management to not only get him out sooner, but she also made sure to make an example of her co-host until their final show together, where Ripa might have landed a few more jabs on his way out.

She did, after all, apparently wore an angry shade of nail polish which she showed off when she put her hand on Michael Strahan’s chest.

Kelly and Michael cooking segment

Putting all of that together makes it quite clear that over the last awkward weeks on the set, Kelly Ripa owned the program.

She owned the situation and showed the rest of the television world that she was in control.

While there’s certainly enough reason to blame Strahan and the executives, she was able to hold them accountable and get her way, sending him off on his successful career without giving in.

Unfortunately, the power of ABC and Disney’s executives is such that they don’t survive on loyalty and could do what they want with Kelly Ripa, which she no doubt knows already, and so there’s also no doubt that she’s probably planning a way out of this ordeal as she’s clearly been burned too many times.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]