1995 Mike Tyson Fight Captures Alleged ‘Time Traveler’ With ‘Smartphone’ Filming Fight, Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Was there really a time traveler at Mike Tyson’s epic 1995 fight against Peter McNeeley? The viral photo that’s circulating on news sites and social media raises speculation about whether or not it the theory true. And, of course, there are now conspiracy theories citing evidence to support the existence of time travelers.

According to the Daily Mail, a YouTuber happened to capture an intriguing image of a spectator, presumably a time traveler, in the audience at Mike Tyson’s 1995 fight. As expected, the footage captures Mike Tyson battling it out in the ring, but there is a figure of a man who appears to be holding a smartphone in the audience. Is he really a time traveler?

Of course, such an occurrence wouldn’t seem so alarming in the world we live in today, but the problem is this video was filmed back in 1995 — nearly 20 years before the evolution of smartphones. Now, conspiracy theorists are analyzing the mysterious image in an effort to explain the rare occurrence. Is the electronic object in the man’s hand really a smartphone? Did a time traveler really go back in time to film a boxing match with an electronic device that was nothing more than a mere concept at the time of the fight?

The conspiracy theory has gone viral on social media due to the heated debate it has posed. While many viewers have slammed the speculation by insisting the device is nothing more than a camera, others are flabbergasted by the seemingly remarkable discovery and believe the device really is a smartphone. But, don’t believe what others say. Check out the image of the alleged “time traveler” holding up the smartphone at the Mike Tyson fight.

In the video, the YouTuber, who goes by the befitting username All Things Creepy, revealed he’d researched the video to identify the device in question. Although technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now, there were numerous devices that were quite sophisticated for the 1990s. Just as many time traveler non-believers have suggested, the device looks more like a technologically-advanced camera instead of a smartphone.

“Why wouldn’t a time traveler want to see Mike Tyson fight?” he said. “I did some research and there were some very sophisticated camcorders for their time period that look somewhat like this,” said YouTuber All Things Creepy. “I think this could be a possible explanation and if so this is not a time traveler, but this is just someone with a relatively new camera.”

Here’s an image of a camera that looks relatively similar to the one being held by the alleged time traveler:

The image shows a comparison between the blurry image of the device being held by the alleged time traveler and a similar device. The device is similar, but unfortunately, it's not exactly the same which raises more speculation. [Image via YouTube / All Things Creepy]

Although the QV_100 is a similar device, it’s not an exact replica of the one that was used at the fight. In fact, no one has been able to identify what type of device was actually used at the fight which raises speculation about where the device came from. But, since there are numerous versions of cameras that look relatively similar to the one shown in the boxing match photo, there is a strong possibility a camera was used to snap the photo.

Do you think the electronic device in the photo is a camera or smartphone? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube/All Things Creepy]