May 15, 2016
Justin Bieber Performs In Ottawa, Canada, Like He's Not There

Justin Bieber has done it again. The megastar's performance in Ottawa, Canada, as part of his continuing Purpose World Tour is rich in pyrotechnics and musicology, but Justin is simply not into it. Somebody tell him that people have paid for this sold-out concert? These people are not coming to his show only to watch the flying trampoline or the swirling high-tech capsule that he has shown off on stage.

People have bought tickets in order to see and listen to him, Justin, not the backup singers that keep picking up Justin Bieber's singing lines when he runs out of steam. One might say that a musical performance is the sum total of many different elements. But then again, all these elements are useless if the spirit of the master of the show is missing. It's almost like watching a zombie perform on stage or The Walking Dead.

He did the same thing before in the Dallas leg of the Purpose tour. Observers were confident on Thursday that the Biebs has already picked up the pieces after doing some old-fashioned soul-searching in a Boston public park. He was also seen in high spirits as he wandered around Ottawa prior to his Friday performance.
Yes, Justin Bieber performs his Purpose tour without a hitch, but sadly the superstar's spirit simply isn't there, Ottawa Citizen also noticed.
"Slick production but little emotion as Bieber Fever hits Ottawa...Surrounded by at least a dozen dancers on a multi-level stage with a crack band behind them, Bieber seemed curiously detached from the action, although he was the center of it. In the early half of the show, his dancing was mechanical and his face expressionless, and he wasn't too concerned if his voice hit every note because the backing track was always there."
Something is definitely still bothering the superstar. But seriously, whatever it is, he shouldn't take it out on his audience who have shelled out big bucks to watch him perform. Ottawa Citizen was quick to point out that he hardly smiled during his performance. Really, not even a fake smile just for the sake of it or for old times' sake?
Somehow, people are starting to get the vibes that Justin Bieber wants to punish his paying audience for the burnout or possibly the depression that he could be experiencing? In his social media pages, Bieber minced no words in saying that just because somebody bought his CD doesn't mean that he or she is entitled to a free picture-taking with the "Sorry" singer.
Perhaps it's time to give the Biebs a wake-up call. Yes, Justin himself said that the Purpose concert is a spiritual journey towards becoming a better man. If Beyoncé, or for that matter, Prince were around to watch any one of Bieber's concerts, he would probably get the same message. That message is, withholding one's spirit during a concert is only for amateurs. He must learn to hold himself to a higher standard, to borrow words from U.S. President Barrack Obama.

Justin shouldn't be surprised if one of these days, somebody does some penny pushing for an absent-minded Justin Bieber performance and demand a refund. Professionals are known to give a performance their absolute best no matter what, whatever their state of mind.

"The writing's on the wall," goes a Sam Smith song.

"In less than five years, pop singer Justin Bieber rose from being a Canadian kid posting videos of himself singing on YouTube to, in 2012, being named the third-most powerful celebrity in the world," TicketMaster writes regarding Bieber's Purpose concert.

Someone tell this celebrity to stop pouting on stage and instead, learn to count his blessings, for once. The media is already all over Justin, telling him what he needs to do in order to avoid slipping into depression. As people have observed, it appears to be a cyclic episode, from Dallas to Ottawa. Justin Bieber seems to be smitten with a bug that he carries with him to his Purpose concert like an excess baggage. The good thing is, whatever, it is, it isn't contagious.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]