Carlie Trent Kidnapping: Abductor’s Wife Repulsed By His Actions, Refuses To Ever See Him Again

Carlie Trent is back safe and sound after she was rescued at a remote location in Hawkins County, Tennessee. She was with her abductor and uncle, Gary Simpson. Soon after the missing Tennessee girl was rescued, her abductor’s wife, Linda Simpson, spoke with Nancy Grace about how repulsed she is by her husband’s actions and that she never wants to see him again.

HLN recapped the interview between Grace and Linda Simpson.

Mrs. Simpson had been married to her husband for over 30 years and says he gave no indication that he’d planned on kidnapping her niece.

“He was normal. He got up, got his clothes on, ate his bowl of cereal, and then he was out the door. I mean, just like normal when he goes anywhere,” Simpson told Grace of the morning her husband abducted Carlie.

Mrs. Simpson said that a search of their home yielded no information to authorities. Gary didn’t take any personal belongings with him from their residence, such as clothes, blankets, or pillows. She only noticed that two of his jackets were missing.

Carlie Trent’s aunt maintains that she tried contacting her husband several times while he had the missing girl for eight days. He never answered his phone.

Nancy Grace asked Linda if she plans to visit her husband, who remains in police custody at Hawkins County Jail.

“I just don’t want to see his face. I mean, anybody that would kidnap a kid and take it and hide it, I don’t want to see his face,” she told Grace.

In spite of it all, Linda Simpson is overjoyed that her niece was found and is back in safe hands.

Gary Simpson signed Carlie Trent out of school in Rogersville, Tennessee, last week at her elementary school. Although he and Linda had custody of Carlie in the past, parental rights were restored to her father, James Trent. The school’s records were never updated, so they didn’t question Simpson picking up Carlie early that day.

Grace asked Mrs. Simpson how she learned that her husband had Carlie with him in their 2002 conversion van.

“I first learned she was missing when she didn’t come home on the bus. And when I learned that Gary had her was after my brother went to the police, and they contacted the school, and the school had films of him picking her up,” Linda said. “Of course, they knew that he had picked her up at that time in the matter.”

Linda Simpson was questioned as to whether her husband was close with Carlie. In an interview Carlie’s father gave, he said Gary Simpson was “obsessed” with his daughter.

“Yes. Really, I would say he looked at her like a daughter,” Mrs. Simpson answered. “I mean, he loved her and her sister. He seemed to me as he did. I don’t — that’s why I’m so shocked, and don’t understand why.”

Carlie Trent and Gary Simpson were discovered near Clinch Mountain, which isn’t far from where the Simpsons have lived all their life. Two men found the missing girl with her uncle on a remote area of their property only accessible by ATV. They managed to get Simpson away from the girl and held him at gunpoint until police arrived to arrest him.

Simpson is being charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and may face more charges. His arraignment is on Monday.

Grace asked Mrs. Simpson if her husband has ever gone on trips before in the van and she flatly said, “No.”

Linda Simpson goes on to say that she’s “shocked” at her husband planning such a scheme to kidnap Carlie.

A motive for the kidnapping of Carlie Trent is unknown, but investigators are in the midst of building a case against Gary Simpson.

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