Aliens May Have Joined The Fight Against ISIS, UFO Conspiracy Theorists Claim After Mysterious Blast From Space Over ISIS-Held Territory [Video]

Alien UFOs

UFO conspiracy theorists have made the bizarre claim that aliens may have joined the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) rampaging through the Middle East. The weird claim follows the emergence of security camera footage that shows a mysterious object falling from the sky over Islamic State territory and exploding in a blinding flash of light.

The footage first uploaded to YouTube on May 6 by a Turkish YouTube user Orhan Aslak, was reportedly captured by a surveillance camera in the town of Sanliurfa in southern Turkey, near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Sanliurfa is reportedly close to Al-Raqqah under ISIS control. ISIS fighters use the area as a transit zone.

The footage shows a bright, glowing object that shoots across the night sky and descends earthward. The object disintegrates mid-air with a huge blast accompanied by flashes of light that illuminate the dark night sky (see footage above).

Local aviation and security agencies were baffled by the incident that reportedly happened at about 12.22 a.m. (local time) on May 5. But investigators said that the fact that no debris was found in the area suggests it could have been a natural event — such as a meteor disintegrating mid-air or a ball lightening.

Some observers suggested it could have been a Turkish missile strike against ISIS positions in the area. But although the Turkish authorities announced recently that Special Forces had attacked ISIS fighters, targeting rocket launcher sites in northern Syria, there was no confirmation that the mid-air explosion near Sanliurfa was caused by a Turkish missile strike against ISIS militants in the area.

Alien UFOs
Meanwhile, online UFO conspiracy theorists have seized upon official uncertainty about the cause of the incident to suggest that an unexplained massive explosion over ISIS territory could indicate an extraterrestrial intervention against the extremist militants.

But it was unclear whether conspiracy theorists understood the incident as a warning signal to ISIS that an extraterrestrial force could enter the fray or a strike from space intended to hit an ISIS target.

Skeptics unfamiliar with contemporary folklore about alien involvement in Earth’s affairs (“exopolitics”) argued that even if there are technologically advanced aliens out there, we have no reason to believe they would take interest in a “tribal skirmish” between primitive humans on Earth.

Speculation among members of the UFO community that aliens could join the fight against ISIS first emerged following reports that ISIS militants were destroying valuable historical monuments and artifacts in the Middle East and threatening the pyramids and Sphinx statue in Egypt believed to have been constructed with technological assistance from advanced alien races.

A number of reports and video clips have emerged online claiming to show alien UFOs launching limited bombing raids against the Taliban in Afghanistan and ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

According to some UFO enthusiasts and exopolitics experts, alien races are watching ISIS’ ongoing rampage in the Middle East with concern and could be forced to attack ISIS militants if they attempt to destroy Egypt’s pyramids and Sphinx statue. Aliens who helped to build mankind’s historical monuments will not watch idly while ISIS fanatics destroy ancient and mystical structures thousands of years old, some conspiracy theorists have reasoned optimistically.

According to an exopolitics researcher, “The ET’s may not necessarily want to save every single man, woman or child on this planet, but one thing is for sure they will not like what they see, and the recent threats towards the Pyramids and Sphinx statue in Egypt could quite possibly be a ‘game changer’ for the Aliens!”

“ETs will not tolerate [the pyramids] being destroyed and forgotten about!”

UFO and alien enthusiasts who believe that aliens could intervene against the Islamic State are confident of easy victory because alien military technology is far more advanced that human technology.

The recent dramatic increase in reported UFO sightings from around the world indicates that aliens are preparing to intervene to annihilate forces obstructing the next phase of human evolution, according to some very optimistic UFO and alien conspiracy theorists.

However, there are alien conspiracy theorists, such as the exopolitics expert Dr. Michael Salla, who believe that ISIS barbarism in the Middle East was inspired by evil alien races bent on the destruction of human civilization.

According to the view, also shared by David Icke, some alien races are using ISIS to provoke World War III. Salla believes that the seeming conflict between human desire for peace and harmony, and the reality of war and destruction could be explained by the influence of outside forces constituting an “unacknowledged presence” among us. These alien forces are committed to thwarting human aspirations.

Salla appears to be referring specifically to the infamous shape-shifting Reptilian aliens who are reportedly working clandestinely through various organs of the Illuminati towards a sinister goal of world domination.

Reptilian humanoid
But theorists believe that humans are not without help in the struggle against the evil Reptilians. Other aliens, such as the Pleiadians or Nordic aliens, who are concerned about human welfare, are helping humans against the Reptoids.

The Pleiadians are concerned about the spiritual progress of humanity and want to help the human race evolve spiritually. The Pleiadians had attempted to sign a treaty with Eisenhower’s administration in the 1950s, but because they proposed nuclear disarmament, warned that humanity was on a path to self-destruction and offered only to share knowledge that would help humans evolve spiritually, the U.S. government refused to sign a treaty with them.

Because the primary goal of the U.S. government at the time was to obtain advanced alien military technology to win the Cold War, Eisenhower chose to sign treaties with the Greys and Reptilians after a series of First Contact meetings at the Edwards Air Base.

The treaties led to the establishment of the top-secret Dulce government-alien base under Mt. Archuleta in Dulce, New Mexico. The facility is believed to be the largest Reptilian and Grey Base in the world where Grey and Reptilian alien scientists conduct sinister Nazi-style bio-genetic engineering research to create human-alien hybrids.

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