Federal Police Officer Eulalio Tordil in Custody for Maryland Shootings

A two-day manhunt was ended yesterday after a Federal Officer was arrested in connection with a series of shootings that left three people dead. Fox News reported that Eulalio Tordil was arrested on Friday in an Aspen Hill, Maryland, parking lot. He is being held on first degree murder charges.

The tense and deadly end to the week began on Thursday when Tordil, 62-years-old, followed his estranged wife to a parking lot outside of High Point High School, located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It is believed that Gladys Tordil, 44, was at the school to pick up the separated couple’s two minor children. Ms. Tordil was shot multiple times as she sat in her car. An as of yet unidentified passerby who attempted to intervene was shot as well, though his injuries have been reported as non life-threatening. Many schools in the area spent the remainder of the week on lockdown.

Police clean up after deadly shooting by Federal Officer [Image via Alex Brandon/AP Images]The next shooting took place around 11 a.m. on Friday. Reportedly, there was “some sort of altercation” in the parking lot of Westfield Montgomery Mall. In the course of the altercation, Tordil shot an individual. When two bystanders rushed to the victim’s aid, Tordil shot them as well, according to Montgomery County Assistant Police Chief Darryl McSwain. The three individuals were taken to nearby Suburban Hospital. The hospital was then placed on lockdown as a security measure. There, tragically, one of the victims died. Another remains in critical condition, while the lone female shot at the mall is expected to survive.

According to CNN, the next call to police was received at around 11:50 a.m. regarding a shooting in the Giant Supermarket parking lot in Aspen Hill, Maryland. First responders there found a woman fatally shot inside her vehicle.

Officers searching for Tordil found his vehicle in a nearby parking lot. Then, they spied Tordil himself. Police kept a vigilant and cautious eye on Tordil for the next hour as he lunched at the Boston Market and wandered from one business to another. Montgomery County police Chief J. Thomas Manger stated that, as police were unaware whether or not Tordil was armed, it was necessary to practice caution in order to protect the public.

“He was walking from store to store and at no point was it safe for us to take him into custody until we did,” Manger said. “We needed to make sure the public was safe when we took him into custody.”

There were also reports that Tordil had planned to commit “suicide by cop,” therefore it was necessary that precautions be taken.

Once the suspect entered his vehicle, police were able to block his escape and take him into custody.

Eulalio Tordil is taken into custody [Image via Alex Brandon/AP Images]“It’s tragic we were not able to intervene before other individuals were harmed,” Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski told reporters. At this time it is unknown whether or not any victim other than Gladys Tordil had any connection to the shooter.

The suspect, Eulalio Tordil is an employee of the Federal Protective Service, which is part of Homeland Security. He was placed on administrative leave two months ago, after a judge ordered that he not have contact with his wife or two minor children. In documents filed with the court, Gladys Tordil claimed that Eulalio “has been subjecting them to intense military-like discipline — push ups, detention in dark closet.” He had also allegedly threatened to harm her if she left him.

According to the Federal Protective Service, they had removed Tordil’s duty weapon, badge, and credentials. Tordil owned at least three revolvers, which he was ordered to carry only while on duty. Tragically, even these precautions proved not to be enough.

[Image via Alex Brandon/AP Images]