Leah Messer Served With Custody Papers Again, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Could Lose Custody Of Twins Again

Leah Messer is in for another very long battle. The last 18 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for her with several highs and lows. Messer and Jeremy Calvert decided to end their marriage and officially became divorced last June. That made a second failed marriage for her, but it didn’t just end there. Leah Messer had been battling for custody of her twin daughters with ex-husband, Corey Simms, since last fall. While all of that seemed to be settled on this season of Teen Mom 2, it looks like more problems are about to get started between the exes.

Corey Simms and Leah Messer ended up with joint custody of the twins earlier this year. Last October, a judge awarded primary custody to Simms, with Messer getting the girls every weekend. Their living situation changed, and they seemed to be finally adjusting before the order was switched yet again. Leah and Corey ended up with joint custody, and things almost went back to normal earlier this year. According to All About the Tea, Leah Messer was once again served with custody papers. Corey Simms has reopened the case, and this time, he is determined to win. The cause behind the new motion seems to be the state doesn’t recognize joint custodians, and he wants to be able to have some control over the girls’ care.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 aren’t shocked that Leah Messer was served more papers regarding the twins. Corey Simms did comment about being serious regarding the care of his girls and reopening the case if he felt Messer was not doing her best with them. After several of the moments that have aired on Teen Mom 2 this season, many will be shocked that he didn’t file sooner. Messer has been trying to get her life together, but has made a few bad choices. MTV has been capturing a lot of it on film, and their editing has been called into question not only by Messer, but also by her co-star, Jenelle Evans.

With the battles she has had to overcome, Leah Messer is a strong young woman. She decided to get help for herself last season after battling anxiety and depression. There were speculations that Messer was addicted to prescription medication, but she has adamantly denied that. In fact, Messer appeared on The Steve Harvey Show and totally avoided the drug abuse question he asked her. Several fans have taken to social media to blast her on her parenting skills, including smoking while her children are in the car and denying them breakfast before a long drive to school. Speculations surrounding more prescription pills have been raised this season, but nothing has been proven.

Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 has been confirmed and Leah Messer has reportedly signed up again. It was unclear whether or not Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda, would join, but with the newest circumstances, it is likely. Another custody battle is going to be stressful for both mom and dad, but the girls will be the ones who suffer. They are used to being shuffled around, but Messer has always been the primary custodian. Despite what she may have or have not done, the love she has for her daughters is apparent. While there has been some outpouring of support for Messer regarding the latest news, the nasty comments and hateful words have been spreading like wildfire.

Details regarding Leah Messer and the new custody battle with Corey Simms are few and far between right now. Since this likely happened within the last few days, more information will become available when Messer or Simms open up about it. Teen Mom 2 is reportedly filming now, and Leah Messer getting served will likely be included in Season 8.

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