Leah Messer Appears On ‘Steve Harvey’ With Kailyn Lowry, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Avoids Drug Abuse Question

Leah Messer has been side-stepping questions about drug addiction for several months now. The Teen Mom 2 star went to rehab last summer to allegedly get help for depression. Messer was looking tired and out of touch during several episodes during the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, and it was rumored that production forced her to get help. Allegations of pill abuse came when Corey Simms suspected something was wrong with Messer. Since then, Jeremy Calvert has also spoken out about his ex-wife having dependency issues. As of now, Messer still denies drugs were ever an issue.

Tomorrow, Leah Messer is set to appear on Steve Harvey. She will be sitting alongside Kailyn Lowry and Dr. Drew Pinsky. According to The Ashley, Leah Messer is going to avoid the question Steve Harvey asks her about the alleged drug addiction. In fact, she totally goes another route and admits that people in her life did not support her going away to get help. Messer was set to attend rehab once before her actual stay but instead opted out of the opportunity. Teen Mom 2 fans had worried about the star after seeing her almost fall asleep while holding her brother’s child last season. That coupled with the frequent allegations from Messer’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, pretty much sold everyone on the idea she was addicted to something.

There have been several issues stemming from the drug addiction rumors for Leah Messer. Her second marriage to Jeremy Calvert was dissolved last summer. The two share a daughter together and have remained amicable since their split. Corey Simms and Messer were married after they welcomed their twin daughters, but the marriage fell apart due to her infidelity. The two were on-again and off-again for quite some time until they met other people. There were rumors that Messer and Simms had a one-night stand when he began dating Miranda, his current wife. A lot went on throughout the last several seasons of Teen Mom 2, especially with Messer.

The appearance on Steve Harvey was taped last week with Leah Messer flying into Chicago. There has been a sneak peek released, and she looks healthier than she has in a while. Most recently on Teen Mom 2, Messer learned she lost custody of her twin daughters. It was filmed back in October and since then, things have been rectified. Messer and Corey Simms now share the girls equally, allowing the burden to be split fairly between the two. She hit rock bottom when the girls were taken from her, and if she wasn’t sober before then, Messer likely is now. Several things during Season 7 have sparked harsh criticism for the Teen Mom 2 star, especially smoking in the car and leaving her family cat in the car while she attended a choir concert.

Just a few weeks ago, Leah Messer taped the Teen Mom 2 reunion show with the other ladies in New York City. Fans are anxious to hear an update on what is happening in her life, especially with the custody issues being fixed. There will likely be a segment with Corey Simms and Leah Messer, which is what the fans want.

It is unclear whether or not Steve Harvey addressed any of the issues Leah Messer has faced with her ex-husbands and children. He definitely asked about the drug addiction, but Messer completely avoided a direct answer on that. Unfortunately, the truth about drug abuse and allegations against Messer may never get told. She is adamant her rehab stay was due to depression, and until something changes, fans have to take her word. Leah Messer is heavily criticized for everything she does, even if it isn’t that severe.

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