Leah Messer Accused Of Animal Cruelty, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Called Out After Leaving Her Cat In The Car

Leah Messer can’t catch a break. The Teen Mom 2 star is constantly under fire for one thing or another. Season 7 just began airing a few weeks ago, and fans have attacked Messer over several incidents.

From the way she parents to allegations she is abusing prescription medication, Leah Messer has dealt with it all. Despite losing custody of her twins last October, she regained joint custody this past February. Teen Mom 2 was filming as everything was happening between Messer and ex-husband, Corey Simms. The two have since worked things out, though the footage airing now could change things.

The latest incident Leah Messer is being criticized for is animal cruelty. Last night’s Teen Mom 2 episode revealed that her twin daughters decided to sneak the family cat into Messer’s car right before leaving for a choir concert. By the time she realized what her daughters had done, it was too late to turn back. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer is under fire for leaving the cat in the car while attending the choir performance. She did leave the window down for air, though it is unclear what the temperature was like that particular day. Social media is blowing up with claims of animal cruelty and neglect. Fans have threatened to come and take the cat from Messer.

These allegations of animal cruelty are just the latest stumbling blocks Leah Messer has been dealing with. Since attending rehab last season, Messer has been the target of a lot of harsh criticism. Everyone seems to be an expert on what she needs to do to raise her three daughters, even the ones who don’t have children. Messer has been able to hold her head up but with all of these new accusations, she may be willing to walk away from Teen Mom 2. There is only so much verbal abuse and online bullying one can take, and Messer has had enough.

Texting while driving has been an issue for Leah Messer this season on Teen Mom 2, and fans haven’t let her live it down. It has happened twice now on camera with the twins in the backseat. Most states now have a texting while driving law, and many have wondered why MTV has yet to turn her in for the dangerous behavior. Some fans have come to her defense, but the majority of comments across social media have been negative. This, coupled with animal cruelty accusations, spells out trouble for the Teen Mom 2 star. There have been rumors that child protective services could get involved, but there has been no confirmation they have been contacted.

Teen Mom 2 has caused a lot of grief for Leah Messer. Over the course of her time on the air, she has been married and divorced twice, resulting in three children by two different men. Pregnancy rumors surrounded Messer late last year, but it was all just hype. She has remained focused on her children, despite making some bad decisions during recent episodes. Taping happens several months in advance, and much of what is being aired was shot back in October. Things have likely changed for Messer since then, but fans don’t seem to understand that. The latest animal cruelty accusations have been blowing up since the episode aired last night. Messer hasn’t said much on social media regarding the accusations beginning with the texting while driving. MTV aired two new episodes this week, and both made her look bad. While it is expected that Leah Messer will blame bad editing on the two incidents from Teen Mom 2 this week, it is clear that the way she looks has everything to do with her and very little to do with editing.

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