Leah Messer Caught Texting While Driving During New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode, Could The Reality Star Lose Her Girls? [Video]

Leah Messer has found herself under harsh scrutiny since Teen Mom 2 resumed just a few weeks ago. While she has been the target of gossip and rumors in the past, it has become more intense with the new season. Last October, Messer lost custody of her twin girls to their father, Corey Simms. Things have changed since then, with both parents sharing joint custody once again. After seeing footage from this season of Teen Mom 2, Simms may reconsider allowing the girls to spend as much time with Messer as they have been.

Fans are worried for Leah Messer and the safety of her girls. Teen Mom 2 has only aired a few episodes, and more than once there have been issues regarding safety. According to Hollywood Life, Leah Messer will once again be caught texting and driving while the girls are in the car. In fact, she doesn’t even pay much attention to the road, she is more focused on what is happening in the conversation she is having on her phone. This episode takes place after the custody decision was made, which means that it was cutting into the minimal time she was allowed to spend with the twins.

Last season, Leah Messer went into treatment on Teen Mom 2. Cameras didn’t follow her through it but they did document her leaving and returning. There were several accusations that Messer was abusing prescription drugs, though she denied that over and over again. Scenes were filmed where she was falling asleep holding a baby and looked incredibly withdrawn and out of it. While dealing with all of this, Messer’s marriage to Jeremy Calvert was falling apart. Things began to look up for her last year, but then the custody issue was addressed and a live-in boyfriend was speculated. Messer just doesn’t seem to have it all together.

The footage being shown on Teen Mom 2 could get Leah Messer into big trouble with child protective services in her home state. Texting while driving is illegal in most places now and has lead to several deaths over the course of time. There are so many potential dangers Messer has introduced to her children, and it doesn’t seem to phase her when she is called out on them. Fans have been wondering why the Teen Mom 2 producers have not said anything to Messer. In fact, there have been several angry comments across social media lashing out at the producers and Leah.

As of now, nothing has changed between Leah Messer and Corey Simms. It seems that they have kept the joint custody agreement in place since February. There have been no reports of Messer bringing the girls to school late since then. There is talk that both of her ex-husbands may pull out of Teen Mom 2. This could be bad news, especially since Messer is depending on the checks to help pay for college in the future. Jeremy Calvert wants out of the show and plans to pull Addie along with him. Rumors have been circulating that Corey Simms is also ready to pull out, leaving Messer to film alone and without her children.

Teen Mom 2 will air the episode dusing which Leah Messer is texting while driving tomorrow night. It is airing on a Sunday instead of a Monday, which may throw some fans off. Many are interested to see how Messer is going to act when the Teen Mom 2 reunion show is aired. That was taped just a few weekends ago, and it will give Messer a chance to explain her actions. Several fans seem to think Leah Messer should be more concerned than she is regarding her girls, but nothing has been done about the reckless choices she has made yet.

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