Tila Tequila Endorses Donald Trump For President, Reality TV Star Supports Real Estate Billionaire

In what is perhaps the most important political endorsement of the 2016 presidential campaign, TV personality Tila Tequila officially announced her support for Donald Trump this week.

Tequila, 34, former reality star and current Nazi fan, threw her support behind The Donald during an interview with Hollywood Life, wherein she described Trump as the answer to America’s problems.

“I think that Donald Trump is someone who is refreshing, new, and very honest, and that is something we need right now in our country.”


The former porn star immediately took to Twitter to continue campaigning for Trump where she went on to claim her title of Aryan ambassador telling her fans only Donald can save America from the tide of illegal immigrants.

“Everyone else is recycling the same story and I think Donald is something new and speaks to the people more. We need to stop focusing on other countries and start focusing on our country first, fix things at home first.”

Calling Democrat Hillary Clinton a Reptilian commie, Tila lashed out at Trump detractors, saying anyone who isn’t an American patriot should get up and leave the country.

“When I first announced my endorsement a long time ago he was not on the radar yet, so to see that to this is a big change, it’s very exciting.”


Unlike other celebrities who have vowed to flee to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president, Tila Tequila has faith the real estate billionaire’s plan to build a wall on the U.S. southern border will make America great again.

Tequila first endorsed Trump back in Oct. 2015, and she told the Daily Caller she hopes to campaign with the real estate billionaire and help him claim his rightful place as President of the United States.

“Hopefully I will be able to go out to L.A. and do more public appearances to show my support.”

Tequila did more than just endorse Trump though; thanks to her restarted Twitter account, the Tila clone was able to channel her positive energy into an Indiana win for Donald. Now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have dropped out of the race the Tila clone is free to rule the world at the side of her beloved statesman.


For the uninitiated, Tila died in 2012, but was brought back as a clone of herself and now wields the power of a goddess as she waits for the return of her parents, the tall white aliens… at least according to her Twitter account.

“I really don’t see Hillary or Bernie. I think Donald would be the Spartans winner, Donald is the Spartan champ for America.”

Tila Tequila began life as Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen in Singapore before traveling to America and rising to fame as a popular personality on Myspace. After appearing in several men’s magazines, Miss Tequila went on to host her own television show on MTV, titled A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.


She later made a brief appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother House, but sadly, Tila’s television career came to a crashing halt after she posted pictures of herself wearing a Nazi uniform.

The former model/reality star/adult movie actress/television host took it all in stride, however, and she soon found success as the world’s savior when she told the everyone the Earth is flat and vaccines are bad.


At some point, the Tila clone must have run out of money, because she started a GoFundMe campaign for a new apartment and furniture, which her fans were happy to provide.

Miss Tequila dropped out of sight for a while when her Twitter account was suspended, but she came back in time to wish Adolph Hitler a happy birthday and promote her new TV show Tila’s Hot Spot.

So far there’s been no response from the Donald Trump campaign, but some Tila Tequila supporters have floated the idea of granting the reality star an ambassadorship.

Photo by Brian Blanco/ Jason Kempin/Getty Images