Tila Tequila Moves On From Flat Earth To Level Up Her Soul Contract

Coburn Palmer - Author

Nov. 4 2016, Updated 4:33 a.m. ET

Reality star Tila Tequila has been making a splash on Twitter recently with her flat earth comments, but the former adult film star’s insane conspiracy theories go even further than that.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star has now moved on to promote her PayPal account, saying she wants to shop at Target instead of Walmart. She also leveled up her spirituality after her death in 2012 when God returned her memories to her.

Miss Tequila’s conspiracy-filled Twitter rants have fueled wild speculation on the Internet about her sanity, but don’t worry, Tila says she has proof.


The craziness began early last week when she began Tweeting out messages that she had died in 2012 and was replaced with a clone of herself, possibly a robot.

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Tila followed that bombshell up with news the earth is really flat, not round like those crazy scientific types would have us believe; she says Obama’s denial of the theory is more proof of its truth.


As the theory goes, the earth is a flat disc with the North Pole at its center; Antarctica forms an ice wall around the edge to contain the oceans and the planet’s landmasses are in the center. It’s possible to circumnavigate the disc by moving in a circle around the North Pole, according to New York Magazine.

Miss Tila insists we’re all living in a fantasy world created by Hollywood movie types and pictures of the earth from space or any other so-called science is really fake pictures and CGI images created by the government.

Oh, and the moon is fake and was placed in the sky by aliens.


Now, Tequila’s moved on and is asking fans for PayPal donations so she can continue her Target shopping spree. She has promised to teach everyone to teleport and time travel if her donations reach $25,000.

She also seems to be promoting a GoFundMe account that has been taken down.

That is, of course, after she proclaimed herself to be God and compared herself to Jesus saying she was sent to earth to trigger a mass awakening.

Oh, Tila.


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Miss Tequila went on another crazy rant a few years ago when she posted a Facebook picture of herself wearing a Nazi uniform hat, swastika armband and silver tripper clothes, according to the New York Daily News.

No stranger to fame, Tila first rose to prominence using her given name Tila Nguyen working as a car magazine/nude model before rebranding herself as Tila Tequila and making it big on MySpace where she gained 1.5 million followers.


Tila Tequila went on to star in her own show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila showcasing 16 men and women who competed for her affection.

She was later kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house last year after only one day when the show’s producers discovered her social media post praising Hitler and describing herself as a “Hitila,” according to the Daily Mail.


Now, she’s keeping up a Twitter barrage that is causing many in the media to question her sanity, but at least she’s still in the news.

If you’re looking for some entertainment or just need to kill time try tuning into Tila Tequila’s Twitter account.

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