Jodi Arias Getting Married? Report Claims Convicted Murderer Found Love In Prison

Jodi Arias is getting hitched.

Reports this week indicated that the notorious killer is planning to get married in prison after striking up a number of relationships with male admirers. Hollywood Life reported that the 35-year-old Arias had been corresponding with “many men” from her prison cell and would be getting married.

“Jodi is planning a prison wedding. She wants to have all of her friends and family there,” a friend of Jodi told InTouch magazine. “It will be a fairy-tale wedding to a man she loves.”

The friend said that after Jodi Arias was convicted for killing her boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage, she was ready to “embrace love again” and was looking for “the happy ending she’s always wanted.”


The identity of the groom was not disclosed, but the source said that Jodi had her pick of men.

“She receives marriage proposals on a weekly basis,” the friend said, adding that many were even “offering to leave their wives for her.”

Jodi had reportedly had men on her mind for quite some time. Her defense attorney came forward this year to say that Jodi flirted with him throughout the trial, attempting to manipulate and seduce him.

Kirk Nurmi, who represented Jodi at her 2013 trial, told Nancy Grace about Jodi’s bizarre behavior.

“We talked about her stories about her vaginal grooming, her flirtatious behavior, yes I documented it all… Back in the day, before I tried to leave her case, um, this is the sort of behavior we saw out of Ms. Arias.”

Jodi Arias will be limited in what kind of wedding she can have. The Arizona Department of Corrections will not allow her to wear a gown or exchange rings with her husband, Hollywood Life reported.

But that isn’t keeping Jodi from planning her dream wedding, her friend said.

“She wants to wear a figure-hugging dress and hold a bouquet,” the friend shared. “A flashy diamond ring and wedding band have also been things Jodi has talked about. She also wants to have photos as a reminder of the day.”

Though three years have now passed since Jodi Arias was convicted of murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him 29 times in his home, she is still getting plenty of attention from the media. In a report last month, Radar Online gave readers a glimpse into Jodi’s life by highlighting her shopping lists for January and March.

The list included some normal toiletries, including Tucks medicated wipes, acne soap, athlete’s foot cream, and Beano supplements. It also gave a glimpse into Jodi’s eating habits, with the list including tortilla chips, salmon in oil, salmon flakes, clams, imitation crab, bacon bits, nuts, and mayo.

There are also reports of Jodi’s discipline in prison. In February, Net News reported that Jodi was given a punishment of 200 days without visitors after she verbally assaulted a prison guard, calling her a “c**k blocker.”

That could put a crimp in the plans Jodi Arias has to get married. If she wants to have friends and family in attendance, it means waiting until later this year and keeping to her best behavior. Another stipulation of her punishment was that Jodi stay out of trouble for 180 days before she’s allowed to have any visitors.


And there is still some question as to whether Jodi Arias is really getting married. Fox 10 Phoenix reporter Troy Hayden reported that there is no truth to the rumor of a wedding, and that Arias will be staying single in prison.

[Photo by Matt York/AP Images]