Get Ready For President Donald Trump, Says Obama Advisor Van Jones [Video]

President Donald Trump?

Former Barack Obama advisor Van Jones, who is an outspoken Trump foe, uploaded a Facebook video to give his fellow liberals/progressives a reality check, adding that in his opinion, the GOP debates were like reality TV with the ex-Celebrity Apprentice star still running the show.

His basic message: Don’t underestimate the candidate he referred to as “Trumpzilla.”

Democrats are in danger of putting themselves to sleep with “fake false comfort” from liberal media commentators (as well as conservative #neverTrump journalists for that matter) that Donald Trump is destined to lose the general election either to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, he insisted. See the clip embedded below and draw your own conclusions.

To stop Trump from getting the keys to the White House front door, Democrats must mount “the most ferocious effort ever,” the high-profile CNN political analyst warned.

The New York real estate mogul pulled off consecutive landslide primary wins as the Trump train in recent weeks rolled through New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Indiana.

Trump’s decisive primary victory in Indiana prompted the exit from the campaign trail of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, making consistent frontrunner Donald Trump the last man standing. He thereby inherited the mantle of the presumptive GOP nominee for president.

According to CNN, anti-Trump rivals spent almost $80 million on about 64,000 negative ads in a failed attempt to defeat him.

Van Jones didn’t mince words in the video that was released several days before Indiana.

“Donald Trump not only can win the presidency, he probably will win the presidency, and mainly because folks on the liberal side continue to say it’s over. They’re actually depressing their own turnout already.”

Jones identified three reasons why Donald Trump proved many of the right-leaning pundits and GOP opponents/insiders wrong.

  • They radically underestimated his appeal and overestimated his “ceiling”
  • They presumed he would implode or self-destruct over outrageous statements or gaffes
  • Their faith in “lanes” to the nomination was misplaced

The Democrats are clinging to the same false assumptions and therefore making the same mistakes as Trump’s opponents in the GOP establishment and some conservative media precincts, Jones insisted. “At no time did the Trump train stop getting bigger, and it’s not likely to stop now.”

Trump is implementing new media rules, Van Jones claimed. Past presidents FDR and JFK/Reagan mastered radio and television, respectively, which got them to the White House, he explained, while Obama mastered the internet. “New medium, new master, new president,” Jones observed.

“The same thing is happening with Trump. It’s a new media era. It’s an era of social media, especially Twitter and reality television. Everything that Trump is doing conforms to the rules of social media. You don’t get fewer followers when you insult somebody on Twitter, or say something outrageous on Twitter, you get more followers. If you’re on a reality TV show, and you’re the villain, the villain is often the star of the reality TV show and, in fact, we were wrong, We thought Trump had left the world of entertainment, had left the world of reality television, and climbed over the wall into the world of politics. In fact, what he did, was he took the world of politics and he pulled it over the wall into the world of reality television.”

Jones also detailed that assuming 70 percent of African-American voters have a “horrible” view of Donald Trump, if the billionaire businessman gets just half of the remaining 30 percent, he is the president. “Democrats, in order to win, historically need 90 to 92 percent of the black vote.”

Acknowledging Trump’s strong appeal to blue-collar workers (who are often Democrats or Independents) in the so-called Rust Belt, Van Jones cautioned that “if you don’t understand the threat that a Donald Trump candidacy poses to the Obama coalition, I just don’t think you are paying good attention.”

Cynics maintain that the Van Jones video is merely a scare tactic to motivate the Democrat voter base to show up at the polls in election 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with Van Jones that Donald Trump is likely to be elected president in November 2016?

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]