November 18, 2016
Hillary Clinton 'Banned' From Logan, West Virginia

Hillary Clinton has been "banned" from Logan, West Virginia. Logan County residents also requested that Bill Clinton not travel to their area either. The former president ignored the request and went to Logan anyway and got booed while he was on the stage.

A previous Hillary Clinton stump speech referenced "putting coal miners out of business" and did not go over well in West Virginia or in coal country regions in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Clinton is currently on a "Breaking Down Barriers" tour and hosting small events throughout West Virginia and Ohio. Approximately 25 people waited in line to see the former First Lady at a restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia today. The campaign tour finishes up in Athens, Ohio tomorrow.

Here's an excerpt from the email letter Logan, West Virginia, officials reportedly sent to Senator Joe Manchin's office asking Hillary and Bill to stay away.

"While we appreciate all that you and Senator Manchin's office have done for the City Of Logan over the years we must make the following statement:

Bill and Hillary Clinton are simply not welcome in our town. Mrs. Clinton's anti-coal messages are the last thing our suffering town needs at this point. The policies that have been championed by people like Mrs. Clinton have all but devastated our fair town, and honestly, enough is enough. We wish them the best in their campaign, however we again state they are not welcome on our city properties. We hope that you will respectfully consider NOT visiting our community. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, 304-xxx-xxxx. I am writing this on behalf of the City Of Logan. Logan officials feel that the Clintons will not adequately support the well-being of its voters."

After the Hillary Clinton campaign contacted the Logan Fire Department to request use of their facilities for a public meeting, LFD officials contacted the mayor about the emerging situation, For America reports.

In the video below, Hillary Clinton commends "hard-working" coal miners in her West Virginia primary speech before she ultimately bowed out of the race and admitted defeat to Barack Obama.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, both Democrats, have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

One of the primary topics of the "Breaking Down Barriers" tour reportedly relates to aiding the underserved Appalachian region, which has experienced even more of an economic downturn due to a decline in the coal industry, according to an Intelligencer report.

When Hillary Clinton works to pull votes from the Bernie Sanders movement in West Virginia, she will also be competing against an ex-convict. Keith Judd was still behind bars when he ran against Barack Obama four years ago in West Virginia and stole 41 percent of the Democrat primary vote.

"You really don't expect to get that many votes when you're sitting in a prison cell," Keith Judd, 57, said, referencing his vote tally when competing against Obama.

Judd, now free after spending 15 years in prison, recently cut his long gray mullet short, donned a suit and tie, and posed for a 2016 campaign photo. He is now also listed on the ballot in Texas, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Missouri, and Louisiana.

"I wanted to come here and tell you that I care about what you're going through. I get it and I think that we can do something about it, that's the most important thing," Bill Clinton said before being booed in Logan, West Virginia, West Virginia Metro News reports.

What do you think about Logan, West Virginia, asking Bill and Hillary Clinton not to come to town?

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