Prince William Rescues Drowning Girl

A 16-year-old girl was saved by Prince William after being swept out to sea while trying to save her little sister.

According to, the RAF search and rescue captain successfully flew two young girls, aged 13 and 16, to safety after they had been stranded off the Welsh coast.

The older sister became exhausted and almost drowned after she attempted to help her younger sister who had been swept out to sea while body-boarding. Nearby surfers who spotted the sisters quickly called for help, thus cueing the Willam-led rescue mission.

Prince William, 30, who goes by the title Flight Lt. Wales in the RAF, was on duty when the distress call came in. He and his team quickly rushed out to Silver Bay, off the coast of Anglesey, where the call came from. The future king of England piloted the Sea King while Master Aircrew Harry Harrison pulled the older sister out of the water.

MailOnline reports that when the girl had been pulled aboard, she was distressed, cold, and shocked and had swallowed water.

The crew then collected the younger sister from the beach. The younger sister had reportedly been resuced by a surfer before Prince William arrived at the scene. The rescue team then proceded to collect another woman on the beach who is believed to be the two girls’ mother.

The girls seemed to suffer no more than minor scrapes and bruises, but the rescue team still took the girls to Gwynedd Hospital at Bangor for a full checkup.

Prince Willam In the Sea King

Flight Lt. Wales graduated as a fully operational RAF search and rescue pilot in September 2010 after starting his training in January the previous year at RAF Valley. Prince William had only qualified to take command of a Sea King a few months ago.

Prince William had cut short his Olympic-viewing schedule last week in order to get back to work as an RAF pilot; this selfless decision probably saved this young girl’s life.