Prince William Turns 30, Inherits $16 Million

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are now $16 million richer. The prince turned 30 on Thursday and that is the age for which he receives his late mothers inheritance. Princess Diana left half of her estate to Prince William and the other half to Prince Harry.

Following her death in 1997 Princess Diana left a net estate of £12,966,022 after an inheritance tax of £8,502,330. Thanks to shrewd investing the inheritance fund has since grown to approximately £20m for which William will receive half.

Many analysts believed after his wedding that Prince William would use his inheritance to buy a country home, however it now appears that it will be “life as usual” for the prince and his newlywed wife.

In the meantime Prince William has been thinking about another possible tour with the RAF’s Search and Rescue force, a decision that could delay the couple’s home search for several more years.

According to one royal aid:

“If the Duke decides next year to continue his Search and Rescue career he might well have to move to another base, away from Anglesey, so the idea of a new house just isn’t on the radar at the moment.”

Originally William and Harry were meant to receive their inheritances upon reaching their 25th birthday, a stipulation that was later changed to 30-years-old by the executors of the will.

William since 25-years-old was given a yearly salary of £40,000 per year as a pilot and he has had access to approximately £2 million that was left in a trust by his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

Prince William may also choose to give a bulk of his inheritance to his brother Prince Harry since as the future Prince of Wales he will be given a guaranteed yearly salary that will eventually exceed the inheritances riches.

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