Security Footage Captures Florida Police Officer Punching Handcuffed Woman In The Chest, Other Officers Do Nothing [Video]

A Florida police officer was captured on video repeatedly punching a handcuffed woman, 31-year-old Mayra Martinez, in the chest. The incident occurred after police were called to the Scores bar in Jacksonville, Florida. The woman, a new bar employee, quit her job on the first day and the restaurant was attempting to have her removed from the premises. She was allegedly belligerently drunk when 25-year-old officer Akinyemi Borisade attempted to make the arrest. As the woman extended her leg to kick the officer, Borisade began punching the woman in the chest.

The Daily Mail reports that officer Akinyemi Borisade beat a woman after she attempted to kick him during an arrest. The woman was handcuffed and drunk at the time of the beating. The incident occurred after officers arrived at the Scores bar to remove the former bar worker from the property. The woman, Mayra Martinez, allegedly only worked at the bar for one day before quitting. However, she refused to leave the premises and was belligerently drunk, so Scores management called for police assistance. When police arrived at the scene, they handcuffed Martinez and placed her against a wall.

Warning: Video contains violence and may not be suitable for all viewers.

At the start of the video, which was released by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, we see Martinez walk towards officer Borisade and lift her leg up in a bid to kick him. As soon as her leg touches the officer, he goes on the attack, beating the woman in the chest repeatedly as other officers stand by and do nothing to help the handcuffed woman. Finally, as Borisade remains over the woman who is pressed against a wall and trash can, another officer comes over and places his hand on the angry officers shoulder. Once the other officer comes over to the area, Borisade walks away and the woman stands momentarily before slumping to the floor.

Despite the attack, no medical care was given and no ambulance was called. Instead, the woman remains slumped on the ground for the remainder of the surveillance video before eventually being taken to the sheriff’s office for booking on trespassing and resisting arrest charges.

Although the officers who looked on as Borisade punched the handcuffed Martinez did not intervene, they did report the incident to their supervisors, and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Integrity Unit was called to investigate the incident.

Once the security footage was viewed by the unit, it was determined that the officer used excessive force, and he was terminated. It was noted that Borisade was a probationary officer, having only worked at the department for a short period of time at the time of the incident and that the sheriff’s office determined that the attack on the woman was excessive and unnecessary. In addition to losing his job at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Borisade is also facing charges of battery for the attack against handcuffed Mayra Martinez.

Sheriff Mike Williams also decried former officer Borisade’s actions, noting that “there were other ways” the officer could have dealt with the woman that did not involve hitting her.

“There are ways that this could have been dealt with without striking her. He could have turned her around and held her in a transporting position that they are trained in.”

The National Sheriff’s Association praised the Jacksonville office for being “so transparent” in the case of officer abuse.

“We give much credit to [the Jackson Sheriff’s Office] for their transparency in releasing this video.”

[Image via Youtube/JAXSheriff]