Queen Elizabeth Is ‘Still Rocking B***hes,’ According To A Displayed Piece Of Art In London

It’s been a week since Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her milestone 90th birthday, and she was at the center of the media spotlight even more than usual. The longest-reigning monarch was not only celebrated, but her reign and choices over the years were also analyzed. The royals, of course, jumped on board to pay tribute to the head of their clan by creating a documentary that honored the Queen. It was a rare glimpse into the lives of the royals and let viewers in on secrets and facts about their family that may not have otherwise been shared.

Although there were media outlets celebrating the hard work of the Queen over the duration of her lengthy reign and 90 years on this planet, additional outlets relayed the darker side to decisions made and behavior that perhaps is not quite as celebratory. However, all of that aside, there is without a doubt something to be said for a woman who has accomplished so much and can maintain such respect from a nation for such a long duration. On that note, a piece of artwork has recently been discovered on display that shares a sentiment about the Queen that millions worldwide can’t help but admit to.

The Londonist relays that a mural paying tribute to the Queen’s 90th birthday and lengthy reign features an image of the Queen giving a symbol that is well understood in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, which also includes the heading “still rocking b***hes” and appears outside the Shoreditch High Street tube station.

Perhaps the word “rock” within the slogan follows the testament by Prime Minister David Cameron that Queen Elizabeth II has been a “rock of strength” since taking over the throne in 1953. The Straits Times notes the portion of Cameron’s speech.

“Prime Minister David Cameron hailed her as being ‘steadfast, a rock of strength for our nation, for our Commonwealth and, on many occasions, for the whole world,’ while her son and heir Prince Charles marked the occasion by reading Shakespeare in a special broadcast on BBC radio.”

The Londonist gives details about the artist responsible for the creative mural that depicts the strong figurehead and also notes that 3 more artists will make their mark by honoring the Queen.

“The mural — which is quite possibly lacking a comma — is by French artist Zabou, and one of four artworks commissioned to celebrate ma’am’s 90th birthday (which was actually last week). Other artists making their mark on Boxpark include The Doodleman (his artwork is appearing today), Josh Stika (2 May) and Skeleton Cardboard (4 May).By 5 May you’ll be able to admire four artistic takes on our reigning monarch.”

This is not the only area in London that artists are paying tribute to the Queen by way of their art. A couple of weeks ago, an additional dedication mural to Her Majesty was revealed at St. Christopher’s Place.

After such a long reign, the Queen does not show any signs of stepping down as monarch, and the public, according to the Straits Times, does not want her to either. In a poll, 70 percent indicated that they want the Queen to continue her reign, while only 21 percent prefer that she retire. An additional poll demonstrates that only 10 percent have a negative view of Elizabeth, while 66 percent have a favorable view.

Prince Charles, the son of the Queen and father to Prince William and Prince Harry, also read a portion of William Shakespeare’s play Henry VIII as a tribute to his mother. The extract was based on the future of Queen Elizabeth I.

“She shall be, to the happiness of England/An aged princess, a pattern to all princes living with her/And all that shall succeed.”

[Photo by Toby Melville – Pool/Getty Images]