Indiana Mom Convicted Of Horrifying Child Neglect Crimes

An Indiana mom has been convicted of “extreme child neglect” in a Madison courtroom this week, and the case against her produced downright horrifying details. The Daily Mail reports that Kimberly Robinson, along with her former boyfriend, made their children live in deplorable conditions, which could have eventually killed them.

The details surrounding this case are heartbreaking, but fortunately none of the children died as a result of the extreme neglect they suffered at the hands of their parents. The Indianapolis Star reports that Kimberly Robinson entered a guilty plea, which ended her trial — much like her former boyfriend, who did the same thing back in November of 2015. This case stems from a 2015 incident that left a community, and law enforcement, shocked at the level of suffering that four children had to endure. Now, like her former lover, she will spend the next 20 years in prison.

The horrifying 2015 incident drew attention to the level of neglect that four children experienced in the home of Kimberly Robinson and Stephen Auker. When CPS workers seized the children last year, they discovered that they were being confined in a tiny room, which was devoid of a bed, toys, or any other things necessary for children. The length of time the children had been kept in the four-by-four-foot room hasn’t been specified in media reports, but they were malnourished and so neglected that they were mentally and physically stunted.

The four children taken from the Indiana mom were reportedly the ages of 5- and 6-years-old. The other two children in her custody were two, 2-year-old twin siblings. All four of the children were kept in the tiny room without any food or drink, which led to them slowly starve — nearly to the point of death.