Beyoncé, Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, And Liam Hemsworth On Ring Watch

For Beyoncé, Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, the ring or its absence tells the story for the past week in show business. And when it comes to making the ring do the talking, nobody has done it better than Beyoncé, who just launched her new album, Lemonade.

The question for everyone in question: Is it on or off?

Reporters are no strangers to Beyoncé’s uncanny ability to influence the media, according to Wonderwall. So when they catch Beyoncé performing without the ring, the next focus of their attention is naturally Jay Z’s finger. And it’s the same thing. The ring is definitely off for the couple, both on and off screen.

Reporters just have to give it to Beyoncé for being able to simultaneously tease and confuse them. And based on past experience, the singer is highly likely utilizing ongoing ring curiosity as a publicity gimmick for the new album. The public has been so quick to associate the Beyoncé album with Jay Z’s alleged infidelity.

Yet it is equally plausible that the power couple is on a secret mission to play along in order to grow their money. To illustrate, it gets blurred who has actually originated the Lemonade idea. Was it Jay Z’s mother or was it Beyoncé’s grandmother? Who knows, Lemonade can well be a purely Jay Z concoction.

It’s all about the ring. Hence, whenever the ring is not on public display, a conclusion is quickly drawn. But when it comes to the Beyoncé-Jay Z tandem, it is highly suggested that people take it with a grain of salt. Otherwise, they will be following Beyoncé and Jay Z like newly hatched ducklings following their mother. Certainly, it will not be a pretty sight.

The situation could potentially end up as another Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth episode, where the latter just shakes his head in frustration, denying that there is any new engagement or rekindling of an old flame. Cyrus definitely gets it this time. On the latest Cyrus-Hemsworth sighting, the enormous ring is nowhere to be found.


Did anyone catch that priceless expression on Miley’s face? It gives off the feeling that she is being muzzled like a dog.

And as if to be perfectly clear that she doesn’t want a repeat of the ugly situation, Miley has decided to hide her face with a doggy bag, as captured in Mail Online. To the source’s credit, many pictures were taken, instead of just one. Just making sure? Obviously, the queue is being taken from Cyrus. Miley Cyrus must be happy that there will be no more rumors to irritate Liam Hemsworth, at least for the time being.

Obviously, it worries her that the rumors about an impending re-engagement are getting on the nerves of her former boyfriend. All of a sudden, it’s back to where the two started before they started going out again. Media interference is said to be to blame for the couple’s breakup in 2013. As Hemsworth has explained, it has been so hard just to carry a normal boy-girl relationship under the media’s watchful or too watchful eyes.

Taylor Swift has likewise been the subject of much ring-hunting lately. Only for her, a mysterious band surfaces on her finger during the most recent Coachella days in contrast to the Beyoncé-Jay Z and Miley-Hemsworth situation (where a ring is nowhere to be found). And while Wonderwall has managed to snap a picture of the band on Swift’s left ring finger, the singer-songwriter dismisses it with “I am just taking things as they come.”

Definitely, Taylor Swift understands that there have been many people under ring surveillance lately. This is why she has to make her position clear with a statement. Like Miley Cyrus, she doesn’t want her beau, Calvin Harris to suffer the same recent fate as Liam Hemsworth.

So there you go, a story about a ring or its absence to cap the past week for celebrity couples. It’s no longer true that a picture paints a thousand words. The ring seems to be doing all the talking these days, at least, when it comes to Beyoncé, Jay Z, Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, and Taylor Swift. Will ring watch continue next week?

[Photo by Handout/Getty Images]